10 things to do in Jackson Hole in the winter

Mid march, I went on a girls retreat to Jackson Hole Wyoming (or just Jackson as its not called) with a huge group of girls that I've never met. I was a little nervous, but promises of snowshoeing, dog sledding, tubing and the mountain coaster were enough to get me out of my comfort zone and accept the invitation to attend. 

After everyone arrived at our quaint air bnb cabin in the woods, we offered quick introductions and headed out on our first adventure, snowshoeing! Some of the girls were pulling brand new snowshoes out of packages, me included. Luckily, being end of season, I found an awesome deal on a pair with great reviews HERE. And our favorite winter hiking gear HERE.

For most of us, this was our first time snowshoeing. And we were literally jumping in with both feet (strapped to giant paddles). And we had SO MUCH FUN! If you haven't been. I HIGHLY recommended it. Lots of laughs, one fall into the freezing river, a little mud and a great work out with incredible views.



Of course we had to take advantage of the hot tub waiting for us when we got home. 





The next day we checked off one of my life long bucket list items! Dog Sledding to Hot Springs. The only way to reach the springs is by dog sled of snow mobile. The best time to go is mid week to avoid crowds.

Granite Hot Springs is a natural hot spring located in the Gros Ventre Mountains, about 30 miles southeast of Jackson, Wyoming. Here are some key details about Granite Hot Springs:Location: It's situated within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, surrounded by picturesque mountain scenery. Accessible by a gravel road off of Highway 191, the hot springs are typically reachable by car during the summer and fall months. However, during winter, the road may be closed due to snow, and access may require snowmobiles, cross-country skis, or other winter transportation.Hot Springs Pool: The main attraction is a large, man-made soaking pool fed by natural hot springs. The pool is maintained by the Forest Service and features changing rooms, restrooms, and a small concession stand during the warmer months.Temperature: The water in the pool averages around 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), making it perfect for a relaxing soak, especially in the colder months.Surrounding Activities: In addition to soaking in the hot springs, visitors can enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing in the surrounding forest trails. During winter, many visitors combine a trip to Granite Hot Springs with other snow-based activities in the area.Facilities: While relatively rustic, Granite Hot Springs does offer basic amenities such as changing rooms and restrooms. However, visitors should be prepared for primitive conditions, especially during winter when access may be more challenging.Entrance Fee: There is typically an entrance fee to access the hot springs area, with fees collected on-site or through permits purchased in advance.Seasonal Considerations: Due to its high elevation and mountainous location, Granite Hot Springs may be inaccessible or have limited access during certain times of the year, especially in winter when heavy snowfall can close roads and trails.Overall, Granite Hot Springs offers a serene and natural setting for relaxation and outdoor recreation, making it a popular destination for locals and visitors alike, especially those seeking a peaceful retreat in the midst of Wyoming's wilderness.






The following day we went to Jackson to spend the day on the mountain tubing, riding the mountain coaster, and riding the gondola. 

Tubing at the mountain resort is a fun and exhilarating activity suitable for individuals and families of all ages. They offer designated tubing hills within their ski areas equipped with specially groomed lanes or chutes for tubing, as well as conveyor lifts or surface lifts to transport tubers back to the top of the hill.

Equipment: The resort provides tubes for use within the tubing park. Just be sure to dress warm.

Accessibility: Tubing is accessible to people of all skill levels and physical abilities, making it an inclusive activity for families and groups. Even young children or those who may not be comfortable on skis or snowboards can enjoy tubing.

This can add an extra element of excitement to the experience.Overall, tubing at a mountain resort is a fantastic winter activity that combines the thrill of sledding with the convenience and amenities of a resort setting. It's a great way to enjoy the snowy slopes and create lasting memories with family and friends.

The famous Jackson arch photo-op.



10 awesome Family Friendly activities to enjoy on your next trip to Jackson Wyoming.

In winter, Jackson, Wyoming offers a variety of activities, including:

Skiing or snowboarding at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, known for its challenging terrain and stunning views of the Tetons.

Snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in Grand Teton National Park or nearby national forests.

Taking a scenic sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge, where you can see hundreds of elk up close.

Going on a wildlife safari tour to spot bison, moose, wolves, and other animals in their winter habitat.

Enjoying ice skating at Snow King Sports & Events Center or outdoor rinks in town.

Exploring the town of Jackson's shops, galleries, and restaurants, and perhaps attending a local event or festival.

Relaxing in hot springs like Granite Hot Springs or the nearby Boiling River in Yellowstone National Park.

Going snowmobiling in the surrounding Bridger-Teton National Forest or on guided tours in nearby areas.

Trying dog sledding for a unique winter adventure.

Taking a scenic drive through the snow-covered landscapes of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, stopping at viewpoints and thermal features along the way.

Helpful Tips

-If you buy your snowshoes off season, its about the same price as a rental, so buy now and save for next season.

-Dog sledding books out quickly. Book early in the season.

-Hot springs get busy on weekends. Go mid week if possible. There was hardly anyone there when we went on a Friday.

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