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Snow Shoeing STEWART FALLS - Winter Edition steph Tue, 03/02/2021 - 12:48
*Please note, this hike falls in an avalanche zone. Always check Utah Avalanche Center before any winter hiking. Driving up Provo Canyon to Sundance is so beautiful. You can see the amazing Bridal Veil Falls to the south, and there is an awesome paved trail to explore there. Snowshoeing has been on my winter bucket list for years now. I always add it half heartedly, knowing that if the opportunity presents itself I'll jump at it. But I'm not going to go seeking it out. Well our friends invited us up to their cabin in Sundance last weekend to go
Snowshoeing Guardsman Pass Road | Big Cottonwood Canyon harm Thu, 03/09/2017 - 22:06
The thing that I have found helps me to get through winter in Northern Utah is embracing it. Once I am playing in the snow and admiring all the ice crystals it is then that I find peace. I feel so privileged to be living so close to MOUNTAINS. Seriously, I can be in so many mountains/canyons in less than 30 minutes. I personally love Salt Lake City so much for this very reason. It is so close to mountains and I find that frequently taking my kids outside helps me in so many ways. First of all, my house

SnowShoeing Wheeler Creek Trail

A few Saturdays ago, I decided to go on a snowshoe hike without my #ohniceandchubbybabies. I figured it was high time to have some Mama/Short Girl time with my gal Mikaela from Indie Ogden. Mikaela found the trail, I picked her up and we drove up Ogden Canyon to find Wheeler Creek Trail and Icebox Trail. Now, as I was driving up to this location I was kind of worried about two short mama hiking up through the mountains alone. For brief second I wondered if we should have brought some pepper spray. I even went as far to think
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