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Woodward Park City - BMX Heaven

Ok, I'm going to be totally honest, we aren't sportsy people. There, I said it. I mean, we like to have fun, we own bikes, but my kids just got long boards this year during quarantine. Our skill level is beginner in every sense of the word. So coming to a place like this felt a little overwhelming to me. Also the fact that I have 87 kids (actually 5, feels like 87). And that my kids ages range 2-15. It's a lot to consider when we are doing family activities. Having said all of that, I didn't really know

Poison Creek Bike Trail Park City

We love the Poison Creek Trail in Park City. Its a great bike/board trail. The last couple times we have walked parts of it, but this time around we happened to have some boards in the van so they kids were thrilled to be able to explore farther. The trail ends (or starts if you wish) at the McPolin Farm in Park City. We started at the end of Main Street and followed the trail under several tunnels, then we drove to the farm and found out that the trail connected! The Farm has parking just across the street, go

Silver Lake Trail at Brighton

Silver Lake has been on my list for so long, but we just never get to each year before the snow comes. This year we made it a priority and I'm so glad we did. We went on a Sunday, which I never recommend doing by the way. We usually try to get out during the week to avoid crowds and now I remember why. But, even though it was a weekend and the most incredibly beautiful day, it was still worth it, and the crowds really weren't that bad. We had ages 2-64 and this really was the perfect

Epic PROVO Bucket list

Utah County has been on our bucket list for years! We alway pass by but we have never made it a destination to stay and explore. I'm SO glad we finally made it down to explore. First off, we have to say that Provo exceeded all expectations. The small town charm, creativity, and endless number of places to eat and things to do, it would take weeks to fit it all in. We have compiled a list with the BEST OF THE BEST that Utah County has to offer. Now, remember, we only stayed for a weekend, and you can

Downtown Provo Mural Hunt

This is an awesome family friendly activity in the Downtown Provo area. No skateboards aloud on center street, so we recommending walking to these ones. They are all within about 3 blocks and Wells (2 yrs) had no problem walking to all of them. But we definitely recommend taking a stroller if you littles get tired easily. One time in Provo - Located on Center Street Fish Kiss Bubbles - Located just off center street at Fish Kiss Located on Center Street Zebra wall - Located just south of Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen The best gift is you - Located East

Bridal Veil Falls & River Walk

This is an awesome 15 minute paved trail, perfect for bikes, strollers, and skateboards and ends with a 607-foot-tall double cataract waterfall in the south end of Provo Canyon. If you just want to see Bridal Veil Falls, you have a couple options. You can pull right up and get photos from your vehicle at the look out point. You can park right next to the falls, walk across the bridge and you're there! Or you can start at the first parking lot (our recommendation) and walk 15 minutes along the paved trail that runs along the raging river. Once

5 things to add to your Sundance SUMMER Bucket List

Sundance in the Summer is so beautiful! We have only been here in the fall for the Haunted Lift ride & Zip Line. So it was nice to go up without coats and jackets and really just enjoy the beautiful mountains and scenery. We enjoyed three awesome activities while spending the day at Sundance. All were kid friendly, but would also make for an incredible date idea too. #1 RIDING THE SKI LIFT First up, we took the lift to the tippy top of the mountain. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool, we couldn't have picked a

Best Family Friendly Grub in Downtown Provo

We wanted to stay downtown at the Provo Marriott, just so we could walk everywhere and really get a feel for the city. We were able to walk to all the restaurants, activities, and murals during our stay. It was perfect. Ok, here's a wrap up our all the places we tried and loved. First up, Station 22 Southern comfort food? Yes please! These guys recently changed up their menu. We loved everything we ordered, the chicken was insanely good! We can't recommend it enough. Oh, and the biscuits & watermelon lemonade. Oh man. You can't go to provo without

Rafting the Provo River

Rafting the Provo river has been on our Utah bucket list for years. This year it went on our summer 2020 bucket list so I was thrilled to finally get to check it off! We took a guided rafting tour from High Country Adventure. This was a great option since we had an almost 3 year old. Since the water was so slow we were ok to bring him, but check before you book to see how fast the river is. I got a lot of questions about guided vs self guided. Pro's, if you have littles, or you are

The Wick Lab

Ok, we heard there was a place in town where you can make candles, I thought that sounded fun and knew the kids would enjoy it so we gave The Wick Lab a try. It was so cute inside! Every little detail was perfect. They are owned by the sweetest little family and you can tell how much love they have poured into this little shop. They have 100 scents to smell and choose from. Then you pick your favorites and smell them together to make sure thats what you want. They walk you through the entire process from placing

Rowley's Big Red Barn U-Pick Apples

We have driven by Rowley's Red Barn countless times, always with a promise of stopping one of these times. Our 1st visit was perfect timing because it was opening week for the U-pick apples! We arrived about 10 am on a Saturday and the crowds were very minimal. We timed it just right because the parking lot was full by the time we left. They have over 1000 acres, so although there were quite a few cars in the parking lot, we had an entire row to ourselves for picking and some cute photo ops. One of the owners gave

88 Utah hikes SO EASY, you can take your 5 year old (Northern Utah Edition)

Are you looking for THE BEST & Easiest hikes in Northern Utah? Well you've come to the right place! We have compiled the ultimate list or our absolute favorites. Each of these hikes have been tested, tried and true by 5 year olds! Some are easier and some are a little more advanced, so be sure to click on the Trail link to get all the info, tips, and tricks for the best hiking experience before you go. We are honored to be partnering up with an amazing local Utah company to bring you this incredible list. Utah Legal Coach’s

Lake Powell

Road trippin' ! This year has been quite the contrast from last year. With our 12 staycation project in 2019, plus a girls trip at the beginning of the summer, we had already been on 8 staycations by July, one of which was a 10 day humanitarian trip to Mexico. Fast forward to 2020, we kicked of January with a 10 day road trip up the coast of California. Then quarantine kicked in and all the happenings around the country so we had to cancel our trip to Taiwan in May and weren't planning any trips for the summer. But

Echo Reservior

It was our first time visiting Echo Reservoir. Such a beautiful place! It was cold and breezy when we got there but warmed up quickly. The water was surprisingly warm but was perfect for cooling off in as the day got hotter and hotter. We took our paddle boards from Lifetime and inner tubes from Big O. The kids played king of the hill non stop. The beach was awesome because you can drive right up to your spot. But by the time we left that afternoon, there were many cars parked on the trail that we drove on. I

Manti & Palisade

After our little staycation in Spring City, we headed south to spend the day in Manti and visit Palisade State Park. First up, we ran up temple hill. They kids actually made it to the top! After rolling back down temple hill, we hit up Palisade State Park. We set up camp under the shade and next to this little dock. The kids had a blast jumping off and loved laying out to warm up since the water was nice and cold. We have LOVED these inner tubes that my dad found at Big O Tire. There were a lot

1 Day in Spring City

All this Covid jazz had us ready to skip town and get away for a night. I packed up the kids mid week (husband had to work), and we ran away to Spring City for a little staycation. I had never been to Spring City, but had heard so many good things. There is a natural spring, historic houses, not a single stop light, and some of the kindest people in Utah. We were only there for 24 hrs, but we woke up to find the sweetest gift on our air bnb porch before we left. Fresh farm eggs and

The Fernwood Castle - Layton

Did you know there is an actual castle in Davis County? Growing up in this area, I have memories of seeing the castle on the hill for most of my life. You can get a great view from Antelope Drive in Layton. It aligns perfectly with the Castle on the hill. When I was a kid, the owner would give out king size candy bars! My mom wouldn't drive me up there to get one, so sadly i've never been inside the castle, but my husband has! He went inside in high school, he was able to stand in the

Simplify your Summer

We have teamed up with the coolest local Utah company Beddy's to compiled a list of simple tips that our family has implement over the years to Simplify our Summer! #1 Routine is key. This is crucial for our home life to run smoothly. We run on a routine all year, and then summer hits and BAM, it's gone, and everyone is doing all the things and yet doing nothing at all and things start to fall through the cracks, and kids start getting bored. Keeping a simple routine has helped keep everyone on the same page and prevents our

Poppies in Mantua - Day Trip

The Mantua Poppies are in full bloom! They usually start popping about 2 weeks after the Alpine Poppies bloom. We are going to share some tips for the best experience possible, like when to go, how to get there, and what else to do in Mantua. Believe me, they are worth the drive! But it’s such a beautiful place, you’ll want to plan on staying for lunch or dinner, hang out on the beach, and make a day of it. Every Poppy plant had dozens of blooms and they don’t bloom all at once, the the field stays in bloom

Oak Hills Rock Path

The walking trail that runs along Oak Hills Dr. in Layton is now lined with painted rocks. This path is paved and starts close to the top of Oak Hills and Highway 89. Then stops at the Chapel where the road forks and turns into Gentile St. The path is perfect for boards, bikes, and strollers. And has beautiful views of the mountains. Here are a few of our favorite rocks There are dozens and dozens along the path. The bigs enjoyed riding the path, while the littles loved running from rock to rock to see each one. We found