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Pineview Free Beach - Windsurfer Beach

Another Saturday Night, adventure in the Disco to soak in as much summer as possible. If you are new here, my brother imports old Land Rover Discoverys and Defenders and fixes them up to resale here in the states. When we got rid of our van, I wanted something fun to drive and more suitable to our crazy lifestyle so he ordered me a right hand drive Discovery and it's been SO fun to drive and take on adventures. It's old and a little dinged up and perfect for what we need it for. Like going paddle boarding at the

Cornerstone Dog Training - Board & Train

I wanted to share my experience with this amazing company because I am blown away by what they did for our family. No, this is not a paid advertisement. I reached out to Cornerstone for help. I was desperate. They are amazing at what they do. I had to share our experience and let others know that there is help. And a well trained dog is worth the time and investment a million times over. A little background story to set the stage.... I grew up with crazy dogs, and I vowed that I would always have well trained dogs

3 Kid Friendly Museums to add to your OGDEN BUCKETLIST

We are teaming up with Visit Ogden to bring you a list of our favorite kid friendly museums in Ogden! These were all so fun to visit on our Ogden Staycation, and the best part is that two of them are accessible from the Ogden River Parkway, so we were able to ride our bikes! 1st up, Dinosaur Museum. We took a 20 minute bike ride from our hotel downtown, to the park. The bike path runs along the river and is so beautiful! You can keep going past the dino park all the way to the Ogden Canyon Waterfall

Ogden - foodie guide

One thing that sets Ogden apart from other cities are the amazing restaurants that you cant find anywhere else. The Sonora Grill in Ogden is family owned and located in the hub of down town. It has a beautiful indoor atmosphere, as well as a beautiful patio for dining al fresco. The menu has classic items like fresh chips and salsa and tacos. But also more unique dishes like ceviche. Our favorite was the queso made table side. The kids loved watching it being made and it was amazing! They also grow all of their lettuce at a hydroponic garden

iFly - indoor sky diving - OGDEN

If you are looking for something super unique to do in Ogden, you definitely have to check indoor skydiving off your list at ifly. Our youngest flyer was 5 and he did amazing. I was so impressed by the staff and how helpful they were and how much fun they made the experience. Our kids went years ago when they first opened but Dan and I had never been, neither had our younger kids. So it was fun to do this activity all together. iFLY is an indoor skydiving facility located in Ogden, Utah. It offers a thrilling and unique

Biking with kids in OGDEN

Ogden is one of our favorite cities, full of art and culture, but also nature and things to explore. We wanted to ride bikes through the whole city and really experience it on another level and I'm so glad we did. It was so fun. And Even Wells (Age 5) did great! Here are a few of our favorite things to see and do on Bikes in downtown Ogden. Ride the Trackline Bike Park and explore the old cattle rail yard. Stop and explore the Botanical Gardens. They are free to the public and great for kids to run around

Epic Staycation Destination - OGDEN

Ogden has it all! Art and culture, nature and adventure, all accessible by walking or biking around the city! Here are our top things to add to your Ogden family friendly Bucketlist this summer! We biked around the entire city with kids ages 5 and up and everyone did great! It took us about 20 minutes to get from downtown to the mouth of the canyon. Everything else was within 5 minutes. Click links for full blog post, deets, and info. And be sure to tag us on Instagram when you go so we can share! Ogden Dinosaur Park

Shoe House - Bear Lake Bucketlist

Did you know Bear Lake covers two states! During our epic visit to Casita Turquesa Air BnB in Garden City, we went on a little road trip to the east side of Bear Lake to see the Shoe House. You know the nursery rhyme about the little old woman that lived in a show. Well someone built it! Little kids think its the coolest, and it has a pretty little magical beach also. On your way you have to stop for Utah and Idaho photo ops of course. Loving my SALTY hat from Salty Clothing Co The shoe house was

Family Friendly Grub in Bear Lake

Our top pick for this trip for family friendly grub are as follows, in no particular order. Zips: Definitely get the chicken sandwich. It was bomb. And the dole whips were perfect. La Beaus: Top pick for shakes and fries! Aloha Grill: Portions were amazing! And the meets where Incredibly juicy. The steak was my top pick. We will be back for sure! Breck was at girls camp all weekend while we were staycationing, but she just happened to be at Bear Lake! So we met up with her on Saturday and brought her back with us for one last

Devils Slide with Treads

We always try to make a pit stop on the way to Bear Lake. This year we have more peace of mind having new tires and roadside assistance with our Treads subscription. This pit stop is closer to our house, but it was still worth stopping and letting the kids get out and see. It you look close there is a skull with horns at the base of the rock formation. I alway remember driving to Wyoming as a kid and driving passed but never stopping. But I always loved looking at it. Still do. Treads app is a monthly

Epic Staycation Destination - BEAR LAKE

We are kickin' off our EPIC STAYCATION DESTINATIONS WITHIN 2 HRS OF SLC project with our 1st featured destination.... BEAR LAKE! If you've been here long, you know Bear Lake is definitely a family favorite for us. I've been going since I was a kid and it's been so fun to take my kids over the years and make memories. Every experience has been different, but they all include fries and shakes. Every. Single. Time. We have stayed in a tent, a yurt, a cabin, a condo... but this trip we stayed in an air bnb right down town called

Bridgerland Adventure Park - Bear Lake

We love Bear Lake so much! This was definitely the most EPIC part of the trip! I was so surprised by how affordable the activities were with tube rides starting at $1.50 and they had something for every age and ability. They even picked me up on a golf cart at the bottom of the hill after I went down the zipline since I was still using a crutch. I hadn't walked in 7 weeks, had been in my boot for a week, but still could barely put weight on it with 2 crutches, and on this day took my

Biking - Bear Lake Bucket List

We have rented bikes in Bear Lake before and its always so fun, but we only get to ride them for an hour so this time around we were thrilled to be staying at Casita Turquesa because it has a garage! We packed up the bikes on the trailer and biked all weekend. There is a paved bike trail that run along the entire west side of Bear Lake! We road to the beach, out to eat, and all around town. We walked or road to dinner every night. It was so fun! Our air bnb was only a 3

Garden City Beach - Bear Lake Bucket List

We loved having a garage at Casita Turquesa in Garden City so we could store our bikes, skip parking the car, and ride our bikes to the beach! Sometimes teens have to double up because they forget to bring a board. This boardwalk is at the back of the park. Its a short walk to the beach. It was a cooler day in mid June but the kids still wanted to get in the water and play. You can get rentals right on the beach! Or bring your own.

Pickleville Playhouse - Bear Lake Bucketlist

I still remember going to Jackson Hole as a kid and going to the local playhouse to see a play. It was my first time seeing live theater and it was fun and interactive and made such a big impression on me. This was Wells (age 5) first time going to Pickleville and loved it. I'm sure a lot of it went over his head but we were all laughing and had such a good time. If you want to do something fun and unique thats fun for all ages, this is it! The theater is only a short 10

Pickleball - Bear Lake

Garden City has a new pickle ball court! And the best part, is they are located right next to our awesome air bnb Casita Turquesa. We walked up when we saw everyone had left so we had the whole place to ourselves. Our kids love playing pickle ball too, so we just let them jump in where they can. But they usually just run around hitting balls everywhere. This set is inexpensive and cute, perfect for everyone to have their own paddle.

Off-Road - Bear Lake

We were so excited to bring our dirt bike on this trip because not only did our air bnb Casita Turquesa have a garage to store our bikes, but it was also located exactly one block from the public access off road trails! We didn't have to pack up and take the trailer out. We just road down the street and off we went. The trail also connects with a fun hike Garden Canyon Hike. Riz ran out of gas and fell over so I had to hobble with my boot to go rescue him. It all apart of the

Camping at the dunes with IMPORT MOTOR WERX

After an eternal winter and record breaking snow fall, Easter weekend was forecast to bring more snow, so we headed west to the desert for some sunshine. Mid April and this was literally the first "warm" day for 2023. And by warm, I mean 60's. At this point we were just grateful to see the sun! Our camper was still buried under 4 ft of snow in our backyard, so we helped our friends break in their new bus, and crashed with them for the night. Whats 6 more people and a giant puppy? I'm sure they didn't even notice


This is the best place to explore for all ages. There were babies in packs and toddlers climbing rocks, as well as many senior citizens out exploring. The path to the falls is clearly marked and short. About 5 minutes to the falls. You can see them great from the road too, if you just want to drive by. The path is soft sand, so be sure to wear good shoes. We recommend THESE so you're not walking around with your shoes full of sand. Plus, if your feet get wet, they will dry fast but still give you traction

House of Corn - Mexican Street Food - Sandy, UT

Have you been to the new House Of Corn in Sandy? Stop reading and go check out their beautiful website! Then come back, I'll wait.... A few years ago we went to Mexico for a Humanitarian Trip with our kids and absolutely fell in love with the culture, people, and street tacos! That is always our go to at any Mexican restaurant, so it was fun to be able to try some new things tonight. In addition to their beloved street tacos and Mexican Coke. (House of Corn street tacos passed the test by the way. Only difference was that