Old Silver Mine on the Cottonwood Trail

We found out about this awesome hike last month when we came to St George to spend a week at MOVARA fitness resort! We hiked every morning and ate the most incredible food of my life. It was truly such a gift to spend an entire week not having to make a single decisions, other than what to eat for breakfast. Every other decision was already made and we had so much fun trying out new exercises every day. 

Movara means movement and they actually make moving your body so fun and fulfilling. Check out more of our experience at Movara HERE. Be sure to use code: SALTPROJECT when you book a stay so get a FREE massage! I highly recommend the hot stone. It was life changing.

This is the Cottonwood Trail which is actually a horse trail so the parking lot has a dozen horse trailer parking spots. But lucky for us, hikers are also allowed on this trail. You can even take dogs (leashed).

The Cottonwood hiking trail is a 4.81 mile long loop on all trails and I highly recommend the entire hike. It is stunning! But with kids we decided to keep it fun and easy and just went to the mine and back which ended up being 2.5 miles.

There are several forks so be sure to pay attention. We ended up in the dry river bed at one point and had to climb back up to the high trail.  But if you stay on the trail you'll be fine. You can't miss it.

After about a mile, the trail will narrow and gain a little elevation, but for the most part, its pretty level. When it starts going up, you will know you're close. The river bed will fall down below you, the path will narrow and then you'll see the arch. Once you pass thru the arch, you will see the mine entrance around the bend. There is a giant pipe and the mine is above it. Little kids will need help climbing up

Proof that we followed the river bed and had to climb back up.

Wells could walk right through the mine, but we had to duck pretty low. Dan had to drop to his knees at one point. The mine is a tunnel so you don't need a flashlight. You can see the light at the end once you enter.

Views of Red Reef. If you haven't done this hike. Do it!

Pictured, the pipe and the mine enterance.


We also found some petroglyphs on the other side of the loop trail. so if you do the whole thing, keep your eyes out.

Ok, now, how to find the mine.... You'll put the cottonwood trail in your gps or use alltrails, or use our map below. That will get you to the trailhead. Then follow the main trail out until it forks. At which point take the right fork. You'll head strait back to the west. The trail will start to slope downward and be a little rocky. Then you will come to a partial gate and cottonwood sign. step over it and keep on the path. This is the point that we veered to the north and ended up in the river bed. Keep to the left. The trail is well marked.  Im not sure how we missed it lol. At the one mile mark you'll start to head back up and gain elevation and the trail narrows. This is where you will find the archway. Then around the bend you will drop down and find the pipe. Look up! You'll see the mine! If you don't walk over to it, you will follow the trail passed it and miss it.

Good luck out there adventure families! We can't wait to hear how you like this hike. Our kids loved it! It's definitely going on our favorites list. Be sure to follow us on instagram @saltproject.co for more fun things to do in UTAH! And tag us when you go so we can share!

Helpful Tips

37.19150° N, 113.42970° W coordinates to arch

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