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Ogden Hot Springs - Adventurin'

I thought the Ogden Hot Pots closed years ago and everything ripped down. A google search says that "someone suggested these are closed". A couple weeks ago I decided to go exploring to see for myself. I was shocked to find people soaking and all of the Hot Pots still there! There was no sign that they were closed or that it was private property, so I brought my kids to explore. We had the place to ourselves other than one fisherman. The water was great and all the pools are different temps. I will say, the first day I

Beus Pond | Adventurin'

It was Free Fishing Day last week so we decided to try a new pond and bust out our dusty fishing poles that we use each year on this day. My kids have never been to Beus, and it's just a hidden gem. The pond is right next to the parking lot but everything is covered in tall trees and shrubs so it feels very secluded. The trail around the pond is very short and paved. There are dirt trail off shoots all around that go to a grassy field and park. And there is a small river that leads

Aspiration Trail Hike - St. George

Bring your painted rocks and walking shoes and enjoy a growing trail system! Did we mention it is hand-built! This is a kid friendly hike, easy enough for a 5 year. There are a few stairs, but other than that, it's a nice rock lined trail. I wasn't prepared for hiking on this girls trip, so I only had flip flops on and I was fine. I was so impressed by the magnitude of this project. There are miles of trail system, all lined In rocks! And on top of that, there are thousands of hand painted rocks of all

Hot Springs - Bear Lake

During our stay at Oso Blu Yurts in Garden City, we found some awesome Hot Springs located on the north shore of Bear Lake. I've been coming here for years and never knew Bear Lake had something like this! It was a cold day, and hailed just after we left, so hot springs were the perfect afternoon activity. The hot springs have 48,000 gallons of piping hot water running daily! They were about 103 degrees when we were there which was perfect. The pools are pretty big, so we were able to swim and play around.

Bear Lake Bucketlist 2022

We are SO excited to be partnering with Oso Blu Yurts to bring you our 2022 Bear Lake Bucketlist! Roadtrippin' to Bear Lake is aways a fun time. This photo was taken as we were pulled over cleaning up throw up. TMI? Hey, thats just the reality of life when you have a little one with a weak stomach. Berdee took the opportunity to get some people to honk their horn as they came down the canyon road. And that kicked off our awesome weekend up at Bear Lake! It was still a little cool when we went so we

Horseback Riding - MW Quarter Horses - Bear Lake

Years ago we visited MW Quarter Horses on a trip to Bear Lake and I've been dreaming of coming back ever since. Last time we were here, Berdee was just a little toddler. I called last minute to see if they could squeeze us in and they just happened to have an opening! They also have a new arena in their backyard which was awesome because it was a cold day. It was so fun riding around and instead of taking a trail ride, we opted for the family riding experience. We got to groom, hitch up the pony and

Meadow Hot Springs

When 2 photographers wake up at 3am, hit the road by 3:30am, drive 3 hrs south to arrive at 6:30am, just in time to catch the sunrise at Meadow Hot Springs, then jump in the car and drive home... well, that was the plan. We made a slight detour to hit another hot spring and ended up crashing a nudist colony! You can find that story HERE. Not my typical educational post. You can find a Full Hot Springs Guide HERE. Just wanted to share the beautiful moody images we captured. Sunrise. Just two gals, exploring with no kiddos. And