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The first Wednesday of every month is free admission to Utah Museum of Fine Arts, so mark your calendars!  UMFA also hosts Families for free on the third Saturday of every month

Now, we have 7 kids ages 6 months to 13 years and everything inbetween.  Out of all our Salt Project Adventures, this one left me frazzled and stressed, the entire time.  We have been going to all sorts of places that let you touch and interact with all the displays. (like The Leonardo Museum, Hardware Ranch, the Great Salt Lake Nature Center

This Museum is much the opposite.  I felt like I was saying "Don't touch this, or that, or even breath on this, look with your eyes...etc"  THE WHOLE FREAKING TIME. Sure, we had to remind the older kids here and there, but with my two year old, she was cray-cray.  Totally had me like this guy below.

Plus, we seemed to have caught the affection attention of one the security guards.  He totally followed us around like a hawk.  No. Joke.  So, word to the wise, keep your children under control people.  Or in my case, I'm probably not going to bring Aiko back for a few years without a proper nap and her dad.  She is probably a little to young. 

Back to the post. 

We got to the Utah Fine Arts Museum right when it opened and were able to check out the Backpack Program for Families.  You basically can check out a backpack for different subjects and do a scavenger-like program with the kids throughout the museum.  (While you can not bring large backpacks into the museum, they do have free lockers with keys to store yours.)

It was a total success with our kids.

(Remember these stairs friends, they play a part in the end.)

One of our favorite displays was the Alice in Wonderland.  Breckyn was entranced by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-up Book.

There were all sorts of different book version and drawings.

I feel like we learned more than we would have just walking around ourselves.  We had to answer questions, find clues and had a bunch of different puzzles to solve.  

It would totally be cool for older kids and adults as well.

We also learned not to touch this art piece, or the sand one next to it.

Or this one.  Luckily, the museum backpack included some alternate pieces for us to mold ourselves. As cute Robbie is showing.

We didn't touch him, only mimicked.

And this one, this one I even touched.  I didn't see a sign or anything.  One of my friends said her toddler was touching it, moment later, there was a barricade with a sign that said "No touching."

We cleaned this floor with our kids clothes.

It's a good thing this one was so high that we couldn't reach.  Isn't it amazing though?  They used pink scotch tape or something.  It could have been quite the place to sit and meditate, if our kids weren't running around.  ;)

After we had strolled through the whole museum we got all mixed up where we came in so I asked our favorite security guard (as he was always near) where the closest elevator was.  Come to find out, we were on the opposite side of the building.  As we meandered to the elevator, guess who was in there when the doors opened?  You guessed it.  Our dear security guard. 

Somehow, he came down two flights of stairs, crossed the entire museum, hopped in the elevator and somehow managed to be there and great us when the doors opened.  We saw some pretty cool art, but this little magic was creepy magical.  Don't get me wrong, he's just doing his job.  All in all, it was a super cool museum.  The kids loved the interactive backpacks, it was the favorite.

Not only did we get to use the backpacks, each child was able to bring home their own packet to remind them of the experience.  Stephanie's kids chose the European backpack and were able to create their own little sculptures with some Crayola Air Dry Clay.

On April 18 The Utah Fine Arts Museum is having a big Third Saturday program in conjunction with their Our America Latino art exhibition—art-making, a dance performance, free admission to galleries. All ages and abilities are welcome. 1-4 pm.  So mark your calendar.

Tuesday – Friday | 10 am–5 pm
Wednesday | 10 am–8 pm
Saturday and Sunday | 11 am–5 pm
Closed Mondays and holidays
Entrance Fee(s)
Free general admission first Wednesdays and third Saturdays of every month.
UMFA Members | FREE
Adult | $9
Senior (65+) | $7
Children (0-6) | FREE
Youth (ages 6-18) | $7
Private College and Out-of-state College Students | $7
Utah Public College Students with a valid ID | FREE
University of Utah students, staff and faculty with a valid ID | FREE
Military Families | FREE
For group rates (10 or more) please call 801.581.3580, 24 hours in advance.
Helpful Tips

Be sure to check out their backpack of tours!

Free First Wednesday
Thanks to Salt Lake County taxpayers, the ZAP (Zoo, Arts and Parks) Fund enables us to open our doors to Utah residents free of charge on the first Wednesday of each month. First Wednesdays offer free general museum admission only; special ticketed exhibitions not included.

Free Third Saturday
Thanks to Salt Lake County taxpayers, the ZAP (Zoo, Arts and Parks) Fund enables us to open our doors to Utah residents free of charge on the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month. This offer is for free general museum admission (special ticketed exhibitions are not included). In addition to free general admission, the UMFA also hosts a free art studio program for families every third Saturday from 1-4 pm. For more information, visit the Calendar & Events page.

Free for Military Families
The UMFA is pleased to recognize active duty military personnel and their immediate family members by providing them with free general admission.  This program is available to any bearer of a military ID who is an active member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, or Reserve. Some special or limited-time museum exhibitions may not be included in this free admission program.

Check out the accessibility here.


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