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Trackline Bike Park - Ogden's NEWEST bike park

My mom sent me a text about this new park on Ogden. There were a couple photos but it didn't even have an address listed. We decided to pack up the bikes today (which is no small miracle in and of itself 5 kids, plus my massive bike doesn't work if we are taking kids to ride the bikes that we pack. So we made the executive decision to leave the littlest Read at home with Papa so we would all fit. We really need to get a bike rack, and a hitch ASAP. It should be noted that while

Woodward Park City - BMX Heaven

Ok, I'm going to be totally honest, we aren't sportsy people. There, I said it. I mean, we like to have fun, we own bikes, but my kids just got long boards this year during quarantine. Our skill level is beginner in every sense of the word. So coming to a place like this felt a little overwhelming to me. Also the fact that I have 87 kids (actually 5, feels like 87). And that my kids ages range 2-15. It's a lot to consider when we are doing family activities. Having said all of that, I didn't really know

Knudsen Park | Woom Bike Meet-Up with Off The Couch

A few weeks ago we did a bike meet-up at Knudsen Park in Holladay and man, it is a BEAUTIFUL park! We got to Knudsen Park just a few minutes early and my kids LOVED it. Not only is the play pieces cool, but the landscape is something else. I can't remember being in such a pretty park. As soon as we arrived at Knudsen Park the kids were off exploring! Swings, slides, things to climb on, this park has everything. Super random but these bathrooms are NICE. I've been to lots of gross park bathrooms so this was a

Aiko's Woom 1 Plus Bike

Why weren't Woom Bikes around when I was a kid? I have some pretty vivid memories of learning to ride my bike when we lived in New Mexico. Most of our front yard was lava rock and large spider bushes. I remember running into the bushes multiple times and always worrying about crashing into the lava rocks. I still remember that terrifying feeling of my dad letting go of my bike seat. So when Aiko started asking for a bicycle for her birthday, I knew we needed to chat with Woom Bikes. Stephanie and her kids have been riding Woom

Why Woom ?

Why do we keep coming back to Woom you ask? It's simple We got our first Woom bike 3 years ago for our then 4 year old Riz. He learned how to ride it in 9 minutes and from that moment we were hooked! You can read all about teaching your kid to ride a bike in 9 minutes here! Fast forward 3 years and Riz's bike still looks like new! It don't know if it's the super high gloss paint job or just the over high quality of the bike itself but it looks amazing! Not only does it
9th Street Hiking Trail | Adventurin' harm Thu, 02/16/2017 - 09:20
I am 37 weeks pregnant today. Last week, I decided that I should go on a hike. Now, I haven't done so much as a walk around my block in months...I had been going to the gym, but the last month I've just been flat out lazy. Wasatch Little Explorers Club posted a meet-up and I figured today was my day to try something new and meet some new people! Ashley runs WLEC and posts weekly meet-ups. For this hiking meet-up, she planned for us to hike the trail on 9th Street in Ogden. It's part of the Bonneville shoreline

How to Teach Your Kid to Ride a Bike in 9 Minutes

It took 2 years to teach my first kid how to ride a bike. (no exaggeration) It took 2 hours to teach my second kid how to ride a bike. It took exactly 9 minutes to teach my third kid to ride a bike. The first two times were filled with endless running behind our kids, holding on to the bike for hours, letting go, kids crashing, crying, loosing faith, talking them into it again, falling again... on and on until we finally gave up. My first 2 children got bikes for Christmas. They were 5 & 3 years old
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