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The Amazing Waterfalls of Gunlock State Park

Gunlock State Park is located in the tiny southern Utah town of Gunlock, about 35 minutes northwest of St. George, Utah. While the Gunlock Reservoir usually has plenty of water to make all of your recreation dreams come true, the falls only exist when perfect weather conditions allow. Most days the area is just a lackluster pile of dusty sand and rocks. Several years can pass between showings of the waterfalls; but when the stars align, the heavens open, and the dam overfloweth, the waterworks begin. So grab yo kids, grab yo wife, and grab yo husband, because everyone’s gonna

Swimming & Camping at Toquerville Falls

Living in Southern Utah it is not hard to find adventure but finding something that my kiddos will love as much as me, well that is a little more tricky. I am constantly on the search for new hikes, camping spots, and hidden gems to get my family outdoors and enjoying this beautiful area that we live in. In the hot summer months, its top priority for our adventures to include some sort of water, be it a lake, river or stream, to play in and Toquerville Falls definitely fits the bill. I have been wanting to do a family

8 Family Friendly Waterfall Hikes in Utah

We are Utah’s Adventure Family, and we love to share about the adventures we have in Utah with our three boys. We have been exploring Utah for the past 7 years and learned that there is so much to do in this beautiful state. We live down in Utah County and we are amazed at all the fun hikes that are right here in our backyard. We want to share some of our favorite waterfall hikes from down here in Utah County. There are SO many waterfalls to see in Utah Valley. Here are 8 amazing waterfalls that we have
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