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Why you should visit Crystal Hot Springs in the Winter

We've written about Crystal Hot Springs before, a few times in fact. I forgot how much we love coming to this place. I'm not a big swimmer, so it's not like I miss swimming during the winter but I do love a good hot soak, especially when the mineral content is the HIGHEST in the world. Yes, the water is a funky color and there is mineral build up on the sides of the pool but it's because it's full of minerals, that I'm quite convinced heal the body. (As all their signs say.) I'm about 7 months pregnant and

3 Things to do at Causey Reservoir | Adventurin'

Today we are sharing 3 things to do at Causey Reservoir. (The Salt Project loves Causey, see past posts here.) It may be a little cooler than when we actually went, but it's still the perfect place for a day on the water. Causey is about 10 minutes east of Huntsville where Pineview Reservoir is. We love Causey because there are no motor boats allowed, so it's the perfect place for paddle boarding, cliff diving, and crawdad fishing! The views are so beautiful with trees and mountains surrounding you on all sides. The water is deep and cold, and it's

Giveaway | Classic Water Slides | Riverdale | Adventurin'

You might want to stick around, because we've got some passes to giveaway and a 2 for 1 deal on admission! We have the most incredible hidden gem to share today! We have driven by this place for years and every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of some blue slides camouflaged inside a forest of trees. This year we decided to go check it out. Right at the top of the viaduct there is a small sign for Classic Waterslides. Turn there. You drive under the viaduct right next to the train tracks. There is a small

7 Things to Know before Going to Seven Peaks Water Park | Salt Lake City | Adventurin'

This week we've got some big, big things coming up! We've got a rad giveaway coming on Wednesday, plus something super exciting for Thursday! Hope you are following us on Instagram and our newsletter! How many of you knew that there was a Seven Peaks Water Park in Salt Lake City? None of us did. We all knew about the Provo one, but one in Salt Lake City? Actually it used to be called Raging Waters, but in 2011, Seven Peaks bought it and gave the park a huge facelift. We were all SUPER excited to go! Before we start
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