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McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs | 12 Utah Staycations

You know we love roadside oddities here at The Salt Project. Need we say more. So we were thrilled to find McConkie Ranch just outside of Vernal on our last day in town. Everything seems totally normal until... ... until you pull into the parking lot. That's when things get super amazing! I'm mean, we were in oddity heaven as we started exploring this place. They even had a lizard in the shack. Nice touch McConkie Ranch. Equally parts creepy and charming. The ranch is privately owned by a sweet couple that also cares for the grounds and allows the

Roadside Oddities Around Bear Lake | 12 Utah Staycations

We really haven't spent much time around Bear Lake, we've spent even less time going around Bear Lake. In fact, we've NEVER gone all the way around Bear Lake. Since it was rainy, we decided that now was the time to take the drive! We got word that there was a Shoe House in St. Charles Idaho (the other side of Bear Lake) so of COURSE, we had to go! We had just finished up Kayaking and Bear Lake looked so blue that day. So here are just a few fun things we found on our drive ALL the WAY
Parowan Gap Petroglyphs | 12 Utah Staycations harm Fri, 04/05/2019 - 22:29
We pull up, after Harmony's suggestion that we visit, but before reading her post about Parowan Gap, and my first thought was, "we came all this way for a petroglyph"? Well, I jumped on the blog, luckily I had just enough service to see her post and discovered there was WAY more than meets the eye. As we walked through the canyon there were dozens of petroglyphs. I was inspiring and humbling to see these ancient writing all over the rocks. I was totally geeking out actually. This is the first one, but just wait... This place is like an

Oddities in Cortez Colorado | Giant Cow | Creations from Mufflers | Road Trippin'

Giant Cow 215-399 Lakeside Drive, Cortez Colorado 81323 Just like we promised. I don't know why, but I do LOVE road side oddities. Anything to break-up a long drive. It gives the kids and myself the chance to get out and laugh a little. Plus, my kids LOVE cows, so why not? Creations from Mufflers County Road P, Cortez Colorado 81323 Another reason we make these stops is for my baby sister to run and chase deer, all the while screaming manically. It's what she does. My kids were actually asleep, so we did a quick tour of the place

Crystal Geyser | Green River

Last week, while driving to Monticello, I found myself kind of bored driving. This tends to happen after about 2 hours. I'm probably just as bad as any child, but I do try to contain my boredom for the sake of my husband. Luckily, we've used this phone app called Roadside America for years. We've seen many odd side road attractions because of this app. We've seen a giant pyramid and a hundred foot Virgin Mary in the middle of Wyoming. We've used it in Michigan, Idaho and Portland. Why? Because who doesn't love seeing weird sculptures made out of
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