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Braces 101 steph Tue, 03/06/2018 - 22:57
You've never had braces before? You don't know what to expect? We recorded the whole process from beginning to end for you! Things we learned: -It was faster than we expected, in and out in less than an hour. -No pain! Breckyn was nervous that it would hurt a little but it didn't at all. -We were surprised how fast they worked. We are approaching the year mark and her teeth look amazing, but we saw results within the first 6 weeks! -Affordable! Dr Cameron has a payment plan for any budget. -Start them young. We didn't realize that the
Utah Love! melinda Wed, 12/14/2016 - 18:07
Here at the Salt Project we’re obviously all about Utah, so we have a lot of love for this state! For Christmas this year we decided to gift our family and friends a little piece of our heart and passion and ordered these dainty little State of Utah charm necklaces. Then we started thinking bigger… call us biased, but we think Utah’s the best state out there and wanted to help others show some love for our state by creating our own line of jewelry and accessories. We’ve worked hard the past couple of months following the latest trends and
Friday Night at Causey Reservoir | Adventurin' harm Sun, 07/31/2016 - 21:43
Is it just me complaining about the heat? I feel like the last two weeks I've just hunkered down inside, next to my AC. The mornings/evenings don't seem to be any cooler, which just adds to my complaints. Luckily, we do have AC, so I am grateful for that. I just keep thinking back to a few months ago, when I didn't mind being out at 5 pm at Causey Reservoir. (This post is from earlier this summer, I've heard that right now, Causey is 15 feet below the waterline.) (Check out this MilosTees shop! They've got some super cool

Layton Park Duck Pond or Layton Commons Park

After our Field Trip to Great Harvest Bread Co. we wanted to go say "hey" to some of our duck friends. We brought some bread from home, because we didn't to give them the good stuff we just made! The birds will just SWARM you. It's kind of unsettling, because, some of the geese come right up to you, like right next you. . . that's when you hurry and throw the bread so they won't try to eat you or something. Stephanie and her family have owned quite a few ducks. Something about those cute little ducklings all fluffy
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