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4 Reasons We Loved Visting The Tulip Festival | Thanksgiving Point harm Fri, 04/21/2017 - 20:21
Every spring it seems like all anyone can talk about is Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip festival. Our neighbors take their grandkids every year and always come back with raving reviews. So when we were invited to go on behalf of the Salt Project this year, we said yes immediately! First thing you need to know about the Tulip Festival is that it is HUGE. We’re talking 280,000 tulips! And, fun fact, they’re all imported directly from Holland! It really is a sight to behold! I won’t spoil the whole event for you, because you really need to just go see it
Tulip Festival | Thanksgiving Point | Lehi harm Sat, 04/23/2016 - 16:08
This was our family's first time visiting the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. We really had no idea what it would be like or what to expect, so I'll be sharing those things with any of you new comers today. When you arrive you will receive a map of the grounds. Tip #1 read the map. We didn't. And it turns out we missed a lot of cool stuff. So, it looks like we will be headed back again (children cheering in the background)! It was also windy, I lost my hat a few times, I'm pretty sure it's always windy

Giveaway | Tulip Festival | Thanksgiving Point | Lehi

We had a chance to get together as an extended family for a quick weekend getaway. Trying to please a crowd of individuals ranging in age from 1 to 56 proved to be a bit of a challenge. We found our final please-all destination at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens. The Tulip Festival is in full swing right now and everyone in our group found something to enjoy. The kids soon discovered that there was so much more than just tulips for them to see and do. They started out picking up a scavenger hunt that required them to find little
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