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Millcreek Canyon in the Winter

Today we've got Lisel, sharing how to ski or snowshoe with her baby. Plus, her baby skis! The first thing my 14-month old does in the morning is run to the door and beg to go “bye bye.” She doesn’t care if it is -30 degrees out and a blizzard, so we get out- a lot. At first, I was nervous this winter about finding activities to keep us busy, but we have found some places that we really love! Millcreek Canyon is one of my favorites! From November to July, they shut down the road 3.8 miles up the

Camp like a Pro with Kids | South Fork | Huntsville

We aren't pros, but we do know alot from just one camping trip! So we've become insta-pros on camping with kids. Before having kids, we used to camp quite a bit, sometimes at a paying place, sometimes with the cows, sometimes just in the back of truck, I mean, we roughed it right? I thought I had the whole camping thing down. But ever since we've brought babies into the world, we've been just a little shy about going out into the woods with our babies overnight. See, my babies are used to sleeping in their own beds and they

Andy Adams Community Fishery | Chickiecheeks | Layton

Steph, here! Andy Adams Community Fishery is one of our favorites! My mother in Law is an Adams and many of her ancestors settled Kaysville and Layton. Elias Adams being one of four pioneers that settled the area. There are several places named after the family including Adams Canyon, Andy Adams Park, and Andy Adams Reservoir and Community Fishery. The kids took a fishing class from Layton City 2 year ago here at Andy Adams Reservoir and loved it! We like to come catch fish, tadpoles and play in the water. Did you know kids under 12 can fish without

Barnes Park | Adventurin' | Kaysville

Being a mom makes me pay a lot more attention to parks these days. Aiko can point out a slide from a mile away, especially if it's a purple slide. So when they said "Barnes Park" I knew I had heard that name from somewhere. It was until we drove over the overpass that I realized that this was the same park that I had first "blown my knee out" playing the beloved sport of soccer. Luckily, I suffer no negative feelings towards the park itself, since it did happen on the soccer fields and not the playground. The park

Baer Creek Hike | Kaysville | Adventurin'

Sometimes we start hiking and we don't really know where we are going. Well, we KNOW where we wanted to go, but one can't always be sure where to begin. So we just keep on hiking, because maybe, just maybe, we will eventually make it to our destination. Luckily, a stranger runs by and you decide to inquire for information. The stranger informs you that you are actually on a hike called Francis Peak, which, happens to be a 9 hour hike (from the trailhead we started at.) He gazes at the 10 kids and tells you there is a

Holbrook Canyon Trail | Bountiful | Hiking

First of all, let us introduce you to the newest member! GoPro hero3! You'll probably notice the pictures are a bit wider and different looking. Our first hike with the whole gang! With 11 kids ages 9 months to 10 years, it actually and surprisingly went really well. We heard that the hike was only 2 miles, then we heard 7 miles, then I just read on the Davis County Map that it's 3.3 miles roundtrip. The map also claimed to have a water fall and pool at the end. We're not sure how far we went, as we didn't'
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