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Loveland Living Planet Aquarium for Halloween

We used to have an annual pass to the aquarium and LOVED going there quite regularly... the kids never got bored and between their 3-D theater, play area, shark tank, hands on exhibits, etc. we would spend the entire day there at least once a month. Since our pass expired we haven't been back in awhile and heard that there was a new Asia area that has opened up this year and were thrilled when the aquarium agreed to host us for a day. We got there right as they opened at 10 am sharp... along with what felt like

Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City

We were recently invited on a trip to the Natural History Museum up on the University of Utah campus. If you've ever seen Night at the Museum, it is basically Utah's version of that same type of museum (only nothing comes alive... that I know of :) There is however a huge variety of things to see and explore from all different periods throughout history and covering everything from geology to biology to anthropology to metrology and a whole ton of other ologies as well! Our museum here has a TON of hands on exhibits, you can tell they had

Natural History Museum of Utah | Geckos Live | Salt Lake City

We love the Natural History Museum! In addition to all their other fun permanent exhibits, they always have at least one traveling exhibit that rotates out and they recently invited us to check out their current display. Right now they are featuring Geckos Live, all the way from Clyde Peeling's Reptiland in Pennsylvania. You can always tell what their current exhibit is because they decorate the foyer area accordingly and this time was no exception. In addition to all the gecko decals spread throughout the museum, they offered the kids a little brochure with a scavenger hunt featuring each one

Midway Ice Castles | Adventurin'

We went to the Ice Castle on the most amazing day! The snow was falling lightly the entire time we were there. As if the Ice Castle wasn't magical enough on its own, the snow just pushed it over the top. Catching snowflakes! Checking out the tiny Fairy Elsa Castle (located at the very back of the Ice Castle) Even the line to the ice slide was magical, a little tunnel and a twisty path to the tippy top! This is at the top looking down. Every "big" family event I try to take a Polaroid. There is just something

Roadtrippin' | Southern Utah | Cedar City

We love Southern Utah. Melinda and I have spent some serious time in the beloved Red Rocks. This weekend we're going to hit Cedar City and show you guys some of our favorites things to do! In the meantime, here are some of the more kid-friendly hikes we've done in the past. This is just scratching the surface too, when it comes to hikes. We'll post some more details of each of these hikes later. All of these hikes are within an hour of Cedar City. Zion National Park: Timber Creek Overlook Trail Zion National Park : Taylor Creek Trail

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium | Draper | Field Trippin'

Did you know that every week we try to host a giveaway? They open on Wednesdays and run until Saturdays. So you might want to check back later, like this Wednesday. :) In the meantime, check out some photos from our visit to The Living Planet Aquarium in Draper. (You asked for lots of photos!) The Living Planet Aquarium is quite impressive and interactive. The littles enjoyed seeing all the different sealife! The Journey to South America This area might have been our favorite. Other than being humid (as all of South America I hear is) it was amazing. The

Feature Friday | Adam Ritchie | Crystal Hot Springs | Honeyville

Today we have @ATOMRITCHEY from Instagram! Check out his feed! Family fun time. A phrase with seemingly infinite possibilities. When a plan comes together and all involved end the activity with smiles or in need of a nap. You found a winner. But occasionally, you have the ability and opportunity to rediscover a hidden gem in our great state that you forgot existed. Recently, I had the fortune of doing just that. Crystal hot springs in Honeyville Utah. Exit 372 off I-15. East on hwy 240. Left on hwy 38 and in a few miles, you're there. Originally named Madsen
Clark Planetarium | Salt Lake City | Again harm Tue, 02/10/2015 - 13:51
Looking for some free fun? Don't forget about Clark Planetarium! It's a great place to spend a few hours while it's cold outside. Check out our previous blog here.

Robert N. Haysenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center | Part II

It's almost here! Saturday, February 14th is DWR's Bald Eagle Day! Have you picked out your watching spot yet? There are actually five different viewing spots throughout Utah. (See below for more information.) When The Salt Project went a few weeks ago, we totally saw a Bald Eagle! First we saw a plane and then I was like "HEYyyyyyyyyy, look an EAGLE!" We watched it until it became a tiny speck...even though it was a larger speck to begin with. According to the Standard Examiner the best time to view the Bald Eagles is between 2 and 4 pm. Dress
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