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Utah State Fair | Adventurin'

My kids love going to the fair. We usually go to our county fair every year, but unfortunately we were out of town the week of our fair this year, so we decided to visit the State Fair instead. Now the Davis County Fair is free to get in the gates, you just pay for all the food, rides and some attractions separately once you are in. At the State Fair however, you pay for both your entrance, and activities inside. Since we paid for our admission this time, we needed to find a few ways to save money once
2 for 1 Deal Movie | Motor VU Drive-In and Swap Meet | Field Trippin' harm Wed, 08/05/2015 - 15:39
Coleman's Drive-In has been around since 1947 people. So if you are local and have never been, climb into yo' car and get going! This place is the perfect way to end a good summer. They also host a swap meet every Saturday and Sunday. So be sure to check out the details here. We packed in all the kids to see Minions. Each family brought their own vehicle, chairs, blankets and a snack to share. Well, unless you are Stephanie. Then you pack one chair that seats 6. No joke. It's pretty rad. We had coconut popcorn sprinkled with

Perry's Berries | Grubbin' | Adventurin'

We decided a trip out to the country farmland would be the perfect quintessential end of summer activity. I grew up with parents that always had a garden going in the backyard and learned a lot about where food comes from and how to grow and harvest my own food and wanted to pass that along to my kids. There are tons of pick your own fruit farms around Utah, so we did some research and came across Perry’s Berries just outside of Payson, Utah. They were very affordable (only $3 for a full pound of raspberries) and best of

Tailgate like a Pro | Indie Ogden | The Salt Project

Stephanie (and fam) here! We thought it was high time to have ourselves a proper tailgating party. So we headed up the Weber Canyon with Indie Ogden. But first things first. Tip #1: Obtain Truck We needed a truck! Young Automotive in Morgan has more trucks than any dealer I know. I'm sure you would agree if you have ever driven past them on the freeway. And I'm pretty sure they hooked us up with the biggest truck they had. So what is the first thing we did when we picked up the truck? Take if off roading of course

Giveaway | Classic Water Slides | Riverdale | Adventurin'

You might want to stick around, because we've got some passes to giveaway and a 2 for 1 deal on admission! We have the most incredible hidden gem to share today! We have driven by this place for years and every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of some blue slides camouflaged inside a forest of trees. This year we decided to go check it out. Right at the top of the viaduct there is a small sign for Classic Waterslides. Turn there. You drive under the viaduct right next to the train tracks. There is a small

7 Things to Know before Going to Seven Peaks Water Park | Salt Lake City | Adventurin'

This week we've got some big, big things coming up! We've got a rad giveaway coming on Wednesday, plus something super exciting for Thursday! Hope you are following us on Instagram and our newsletter! How many of you knew that there was a Seven Peaks Water Park in Salt Lake City? None of us did. We all knew about the Provo one, but one in Salt Lake City? Actually it used to be called Raging Waters, but in 2011, Seven Peaks bought it and gave the park a huge facelift. We were all SUPER excited to go! Before we start

Giveaway | Craft Lake City | Salt Lake City

Megan from Candy Everything has shown us the light! She's here to tell you about Craft Lake City. Craft Lake City is the LARGEST DIY craft fair in Utah. There are over 200 vendors selling handmade items, vintage goods, and craft food. As well as entertainment, food trucks, a kids activity area, and an amazing science and technology section. I love that this is a festival that has something for everyone. One of the first years I went I spent forever in the science and technology building because I was so amazed by 3-D printing and robot sumo wrestling. This
South Davis Recreation Center | Bountiful | Adventurin' harm Tue, 06/30/2015 - 19:56
With the start of summer we made a trip down to the South Davis Rec Center to let the kids swim and play in their outdoor splash area. Every time we go to the Bountiful park they see that fun pirate ship play area and ask to go, so we finally obliged and took them to explore. Swimming They loved it! The water around the ship was shallow enough that the toddlers could run around and feel like they were swimming. (I did put ‘floaties’ on my little ones, just in case they ventured too far or slipped, but for
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