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More Fun in Bear Lake | Paris | Dingle | Zipz

I know you've all heard/read about/done fun things at Bear Lake (see past Salt Project posts here, here and here) but I'm here to assure you that there are still MORE fun things to do during your visit to Bear Lake that you probably have never done before! All of the activities are located in the Bear Lake Valley, which means they cover Utah and Idaho territory. Here's the list: Visit the Paris Tabernacle If you take a short drive north of Bear Lake on the US-89, you'll end up in Paris. Idaho, that is. I wish you could take

Glamping or Camping? 11 Hacks | Adventurin' | Conestoga Ranch | Bear Lake

Bear Lake is a summer must for our family. We've teamed up with Conestoga Ranch again this year and whether you are Glamping or Camping, we wanted to share 11 Hacks to make your experience "easy peasey lemon squeeze" as my 5 year old would say. TIP #1 BUSY BAGS I hung canvas bags over the head rests and filled them with things to keep little hands and minds engaged on our road trip to Bear Lake. Each bag was filled with age appropriate items. Here's what I put in my 8 yr old daughters bag. I let the kids

La Caille | Grubbin' | Sandy

It's a tradition in our home to take our kids out to eat somewhere special and unique when they turn 8. We want them to remember this special day forever, so we pull out all the stops. They can order anything they want including fancy drinks and dessert, or just dessert if that's what they want. The only thing they don't decide is where we are going. We pick the restaurant because we want to go somewhere that they have never been before. When deciding on the perfect location, La Caille kept coming to mind. I hadn't been in years

Adams Canyon | Layton | Adventurin'

Steph here, Growing up, we always had to hike Adams Canyon with our youth group. Of course it was always at 3pm in the dead heat of the day. I'm not a fan of the heat so I never liked this hike, until.... I did it on my own. I like to hike early in the morning, before it gets hot. Plus the trails are always less crowded. This is a popular hike in Layton and weekends and holidays are always busy. You can see cars parked all the way down the road from the trail head. I recommend going

6 Places to add to your Bear Lake Bucket List

Stephanie is going to be breaking down this list for us shortly, but for now, know that we have some good tips for you Bear Lake lovers! Bike Barn | Garden City | UT Minnetonka Caves | St Charles, ID Conestoga Ranch | Garden City, UT Bear Lake, UT (DUH) Renegade Raceway | Garden City, Utah Merlin's Drive-In | Garden City, Utah Bloomington Lake | Idaho

Bear Lake Bucket List

Renegade Raceway | Garden City, Utah This was a last minute stop and we are so glad we did! You pass the Raceway as you enter Garden City, right before you reach Bear Lake. You can't miss it. I didn't know if the younger kids would be able to do it so we weren't going to stop, but guess what? They can! They have pillows to put behind kids so they can reach the peddles, also, for short adults like myself. Locke(10) road by himself, Dan took Riz(4) and Breckyn(8) came with me. The baby, unfortunately, was too small, so

Andy Adams Community Fishery | Chickiecheeks | Layton

Steph, here! Andy Adams Community Fishery is one of our favorites! My mother in Law is an Adams and many of her ancestors settled Kaysville and Layton. Elias Adams being one of four pioneers that settled the area. There are several places named after the family including Adams Canyon, Andy Adams Park, and Andy Adams Reservoir and Community Fishery. The kids took a fishing class from Layton City 2 year ago here at Andy Adams Reservoir and loved it! We like to come catch fish, tadpoles and play in the water. Did you know kids under 12 can fish without

Giveaway | Classic Water Slides | Riverdale | Adventurin'

You might want to stick around, because we've got some passes to giveaway and a 2 for 1 deal on admission! We have the most incredible hidden gem to share today! We have driven by this place for years and every once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of some blue slides camouflaged inside a forest of trees. This year we decided to go check it out. Right at the top of the viaduct there is a small sign for Classic Waterslides. Turn there. You drive under the viaduct right next to the train tracks. There is a small

Ogden Pioneer Days | Rodeo | 24th of July Events in Utah

So, what exactly is there to do on the 24th of July? It's a UTAH only holiday right? (To see other Ogden Murals, check out our post here.) Stephanie is sharing the Ogden Rodeo and then Coupons4Utah has a giant list of things to do all over Utah on the 24th of July. (Check link below.) The Rodeo is one of my favorite summer activities. We haven't been for a few years because apparently we keep having babies, but tonight we made it happen. It is usually scorching hot! And there is no shade, but this night was absolutely perfect

Glamping Do's and Don'ts | Adventurin' | Conestoga Ranch | Bear Lake

Hello! It's Steph, first time Glamper here. I'll be sharing the things we loved as well as things we wish we had know. We would definitely do things differently next time. We had the opportunity to stay a couple nights in Bear Lake at Conestoga Ranch a couple weeks ago. I'm so excited to take you on a tour of the Ranch and share the Do's and Don'ts of Glamping. Day 1 There are two things I'm kind of obsessed with. Food trucks and Glamping. I don't know what it is, but I'm o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d.! We locked in our date for
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