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Not Your Traditional Stocking Stuffers Part Dos

Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas is now less than a week away! One of my favorite gifts from my husband was a sheet of paper that included a Groupon stay with a little note. I'm all about traveling with him. I've been scouring over the KSL and Groupon here's some awesome last minute ideas for some Staycations! Midway/Heber Staycation The Crater at at Homestead Resort (GROUPON DEAL) Also, this Christmas Sleigh Ride! (KSL DEAL) Stay at the Homestead Resort or the Zermatt Resort. (Facebook Deal.) See Harmony's Zermatt Resort posts, here, here and here. Visit the Ice Castles (KSL Deal)

Park City Round Up

We've got you covered with tips for Planning the Perfect Park City Staycation. Everything from Planning, Accommodations, Where to eat, and What to do. 7 Free things to do with kids in Park City. Because lets face it, kids are expensive. Park City Museum This place is super kid friendly and fun. Zip Tour at Sundance is fun, Zip Tour at Sundance at Night... Insanely Fun. Halloween Lift Ride Seasonal but totally unique and great for all ages. Now, we have 3 food recommendations for you. Two on Historic Main with all that Main St. Charm, and one down town

Planning the Perfect Park City Staycation

Hey y'all. We wanted to get away for a quick weekend in Park City before the snow comes. We haven't been their with all the kids before so I got on Google and did a little research for our stay and of all the websites I looked at, was the most helpful. They helped us plan The Perfect Park City Staycation! I was able to find our lodging, restaurants, and several activities for the kids, all in one place! really thought of everything. They even have a section labeled "How to Keep Your Kids from Ruining your Park
Park City Museum | Field Trippin' harm Sun, 11/01/2015 - 22:27
I didn't know that Park City had a museum. We spotted it shortly after Dan dropped us off on Main Street to explore while he went to have a screw removed from our SUV tire. It was a bit chilly out but this was exactly what we needed. The museum was pretty cool! I'm not gonna lie. I thought it might be some old stage coaches and dusty barrels and the kids would go crazy with boredom. Because we all know we've been to a museum like that. Boy was I wrong! This place was a-mazing! Totally interactive and kid
3 Family Friendly Places to Eat in Park City | Grubbin' harm Sun, 11/01/2015 - 22:14
FOOD! Always an important factor when on a Staycation right? Luckily, we were hosted by three lovely places. Here's what we've got! Park City Pizza Company 1612 W Ute Blvd #111 | Park City, Utah When staycationing, you can never go wrong with pizza. Am I right? We tracked this place down close to the outlets, right off the freeway. Park City Pizza Company is locally owned and has been in business for about a year. This place was super fun with a relaxed vibe. The kids played video games until we ran out of quarters, then they headed to

7 FREE things to do with kids in Park City

1- Walk around the Mountain Village. Bundle up and take a walk around the Mountain Village. We stayed here at The Lodge and the kids loved walking around and exploring. We found a couple ski lifts to play on and also walked around the Alpine Slide which had just closed for the season. There is also a charming ice skating rink but it wasn't quite cold enough for it to open. We hit Park City right between seasons. And it was perfect! There was hardly a soul in sight! 2- Explore Main Street We found some great suggestions at

Adventure Haus | Cascade Springs | Zermatt Resort | Staycations

Adventure Haus | Zermatt Resort This was probably THE best way to sum up our Staycation at the Zermatt Resort. (Thanks to the Adventure Haus and Zermatt Resort for setting hosting us.) Who doesn’t want to take a Polaris Razor 4 (that holds four) and ride it around the Wasatch mountain range for 2 hours?! We were given a 5-minute safety overview, instructions and a map and were off! Right from the Zermatt Entrance! I didn't realize we were so close to a whole world of off roading trails, specifically created for 4 wheeling fun. About 4 minutes into the
Sundance Mountain Resort ZipTour harm Wed, 10/28/2015 - 17:06
Sundance has opened their Zip Tour for 1 last go for Halloween before they close for the season. I'm obsessed with zip lining, although it scares me to death. Like I was freaking out! But YOLO! This specific Zip Tour only runs at night. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Its pitch dark, its cold, its scary, and its absolutely amazing. We took the spooky Halloween Lift Ride up to the top where the Zip Tour starts. The staff was helpful and so fun to work with. They joked around and helped calm our nerves the best they could. We

Giveaway | Dairy Keen | Grubbin'

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my husband and I really like to use Yelp when trying to find food places. I honestly feel like if you are going to travel, you’ve got to try the local places to truly feel like you are “there.” We’d just finished at the Heber Creeper and it was past dinner time for us. We eat at like 5:05…and it was 6:00. We were all a little hangry. So when we drove up to Dairy Keen, we were like…are all those cars parked for here? Yup. They were. It was crazyyyy busy. It’s
Heber Valley Railroad | Pumpkin Train | Field Trippin' harm Tue, 10/27/2015 - 15:14
I’d only heard about the Heber Creeper in the last few years, so I’ve been excited to take my babies to a good old train! My grandpa was a big train man, he even owned a model train shop in Iowa, so I have a deep love for trains. Aiko and Orion’s favorite book is all about trains, so I thought they’d be tickled to be on a real one. Man, I was not expecting something so picturesque. It’s quite the place. I’m a big Harry Potter fan and so of course I was feeling all Potter like. From the
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