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St. George Children's Museum Part 1 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Steph here! We were here for hours! Good thing we ate first or we would have had to leave and then come back. The museum is two stories. The upstairs is like a small city with a post office, airport, bank and grocery store to name a few. Downstairs has a frozen exhibit, music area, and wheelchairs for the kids to play on and try their hand at b-ball on wheels. After the museum, we played at the Splash Pad which is located right next door! Be sure to check out some of Stephanie's other Museum trips in St. George

St. George Children's Museum | Part 2 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Aiko would like to welcome you to the St. George Children's Museum! I took a bunch of notes about the building but lost them along the way. I do remember it used to be the college building, then an administration building and then vacant for a few years. Now, it's been remodeled for our kids! Every room had a different theme and even the hallways were decked out. Aiko loves to shop for food. Seriously, each room had something so unique. The castle room was pretty crazy. The drawbridge and the dragon. Of course, there was a castle and dress-up
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