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The Amazing Waterfalls of Gunlock State Park

Gunlock State Park is located in the tiny southern Utah town of Gunlock, about 35 minutes northwest of St. George, Utah. While the Gunlock Reservoir usually has plenty of water to make all of your recreation dreams come true, the falls only exist when perfect weather conditions allow. Most days the area is just a lackluster pile of dusty sand and rocks. Several years can pass between showings of the waterfalls; but when the stars align, the heavens open, and the dam overfloweth, the waterworks begin. So grab yo kids, grab yo wife, and grab yo husband, because everyone’s gonna

Camping at Goblin Valley State Park

.Our long time SP contributor Camille, is here to share her camping experience in Gobline Valley State Park! If you've never visited Goblin Valley State Park before, you simply must put this place on your bucket list of "don't miss" sites in Utah. Sure, it's a bit remote, but the landscape is jaw-dropping and other-worldly in a way that will make you think you're on Mars. I have great memories of visiting Goblin Valley when I was a kid, and I remember it being the coolest place because of the incredible rock formations. I wanted to share this memory with

#UTAWESOME Spring Break Destinations

Has Spring Break already hit your home? Is it going now? Is it coming up soon? Either way, The Salt Project has tons of ideas. From Staycations to local destinations, we've got ya covered. Here are just a few places to help your Spring Break become Epic. Looking for a once in a lifetime visit to Gunlock State Park?! Go NOW! Ever been to Goblin Valley? Book your camp spot now! Natural Bridges National Monument​, yeah, it's a thing in Utah. Stayin in Salt Lake City and looking for a free option? Check out our latest Mural Hunt! Monticello. You've

Epic Spring Break Ideas in Utah

Has Spring Break already hit your home? Is it going now? Is it coming up soon? Either way, The Salt Project has tons of ideas. From Staycations, to local destinations, we've got ya covered. Here's just a few places to help your Spring Break become Epic. Monticello. You've never been? Well, saddle up and head on down there. Heading to Southern Utah? Don't forget your bikes. Biking the Pa'Rus Trail in Zion National Park 3 Things to do in Capitol Reef with Kids. What our Salt Project Followers said was Awesome in Vernal. Antelope Island Exploring. Quick Trip to Goblin

Epic Spring Break Utah Destinations

Alright Utah! It's almost Spring Break. Worried that your week will be boring? Never fear. We've compiled a giant list of EPIC places in Utah. Click on the headers. It's not just 35 places, it's hundreds of places to make your week rock. This can be day trips, hour trips, weekend trips, three day trips, all week long trips! Everything! Be sure to #thesaltproject when you go, because we want to see. Monticello Wilson's Arch Visit Hole 'n' the Rock Canyon Country Discovery Center Seriously, South Eastern Utah is pretty much amazing. Layton/Davis County Adams Canyon Lower Falls Hike Layton

Hiking The Narrows with Kids | Zion National Park

Did you know Zion National Park was Utah’s First National Park? Well, I didn’t, but after visiting I can tell why this enchanting 147,000-acre parkland was named so in 1919. Hiking in Zion is world famous, lucky for us Utahns, it is only a few hour drive away from Northern Utah. There are many family friendly hikes in the park. One of the most legendary is the Zion Narrows. Doing this hike with kids intimidated me when we were planning our trip, but it proved to be our favorite hike of all. The Narrows allows hiking in the Virgin River

57 places to help break Up I-15

We know you are gearing up, it's time to plan Spring Break and you are aching to travel! But where too? This week, we are going to be featuring all sorts of places. To start off, we'll be featuring I-15 and all our favorites we've found! Some are right off the freeway, while some do require a bit more of a drive. Here's a round-up we did last year. It included some hot springs, places to eat that are local and some free museums 15 Stops to Break up I-15 in Utah Here's five more. Top 5 Pit Stops Along

Camping in Moab | Arches National Park | Canyonlands National Park | Dead Horse Point State Park

Need an amazing Spring Break destination within a few hours driving distance from home? Look no further than Moab! At just under 4 hours away from Salt Lake City, this place makes an incredible base for tons of family-friendly explorations of southern Utah. Now is a great time of year to hit up southern Utah, before the heat waves of the summer hit and make visiting the area a bit more unbearable. Back in September, my husband and I took our three little girls and joined up with some friends of ours (husband + wife + 6 little kids) to

If you had 1 Day in Moab with kids | Adventurin'

You noticed we didn't have anything about Moab on The Salt Project and we decided to do something about it. The last time I had been in Moab it was June 2013. Now, part of the reason I have never posted these pictures was because the trip ended in a very CRAZY, stressful, expensive way. I guess I had partly blocked out the memories. It's making me feel all sorts of feelings just thinking about it. Let me take you back a few years. (Insert dramatic music.) My Aiko was 18 months and my Orion was 2 months, it was
Scanvenger Hunt Road Trip harm Tue, 02/23/2016 - 15:45
Our kids talked non stop about going to the Ocean so we thought it would be fun to surprise them! We planned a weekend getaway to the coast and didn't tell them until we were ready to leave. Here's how we did it: Friday: I sent the kids to their weekly visit to grandmas house while I packed the car and wrote some little poems for our Scavenger Hunt Road Trip! They returned right as Dad got home from work. We sat them down and handed them a wax sealed letter that said "Open Immediately"! Letter 1: Surprise Surprise! We're
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