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Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center

Hey all! Spring is just around the corner and with the spring weather, my kids and I are eager to spend more time outdoors adventuring. If you've never visited the American West Heritage Center* (AWHC) in Wellsville, UT (just south of Logan), spring is the perfect time to visit, because of Baby Animal Days! I took my kids last year, and they loved it! This annual 4-day event features all sorts of baby animals - lambs, piglets, calves, kids, foals, chicks, ducklings, and even baby bears! Most of the animals can be touched (except for the bears), which is so
Benson Grist Mill | Farmers Market harm Wed, 09/06/2017 - 21:46
During the summer and fall I try to buy our produce from local farmers markets. Tooele County has a handful of small markets and my favorite one is located at the Benson Grist Mill. My toddler loves to comes along with me so we often make an outing of it. We bring a list of the produce we want for the upcoming week. My son loves helping me find the fruits and veggies we need. He is much more willing to eat the veggies he helped pick out! We always grab a couple extra pieces of fruit to have as

4 Reasons We Loved Visting The Tulip Festival | Thanksgiving Point

Every spring it seems like all anyone can talk about is Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip festival. Our neighbors take their grandkids every year and always come back with raving reviews. So when we were invited to go on behalf of the Salt Project this year, we said yes immediately! First thing you need to know about the Tulip Festival is that it is HUGE. We’re talking 280,000 tulips! And, fun fact, they’re all imported directly from Holland! It really is a sight to behold! I won’t spoil the whole event for you, because you really need to just go see it

J&J Field Trippin'

J&J is our local nursery. They offer FREE field trips in the winter months when they aren't as busy. J&J's Nursery Garden Center is Utah’s largest producing nursery. There are over 100 acres of nursery! They've been open 37 years! J&J is our local nursery. They offer FREE field trips in the winter months when they aren't as busy. Call and schedule your field trip before hand (they are filling up quickly). They just need an estimate of how many people will be attending, then they will put you on the calendar. We had a group of 10 (plus 2

Indian Trail Hike (Part Way) | Adventurin'

I'd almost forgotten about this hike. It's been a month or two since we had hiked it, so that's why the kids are in long sleeves. Indian Creek has many different trailheads, but we started at 22nd Street in Ogden. My sister had researched and read that it was 2 miles or so one way. Come to find out, it's actually 4.3 miles one way. We knew there wasn't enough time for us to do a hike that long, especially with kids on our back. So we decided just to take it easy. There are so many trails up here

Davis Creek Waterfalls & Indian Bathtubs Trails | Farmington | Adventurin'

My cousin recommended this hike and I couldn't wait to try it out. We had a few hours of daylight left after dinner so I talked my oldest son into a spur of the moment hike to Davis Creek. He's always up for an adventure like his mama, so off we went. Never having done this hike before, I was a little nervous, but it was only about a mile round trip so I knew it couldn't be too bad. I'm SO glad I just went for it. Davis Creek is a hidden gem! We didn't pass a single hiker

Hidden Valley Trail | Ogden | Adventurin'

I always seem to plan too much and not plan well enough. For instance, we decided one morning to go hiking, knowing we had to be somewhere at noon. This particular, steep, hike: Hidden Valley. We didn't make it down in time. We didn't make it until 1:10pm. You know how when you start hiking and you keep thinking, it can't be much further? Then you meet someone on the trail and decide it can't be that much more. Only to get tired and start realizing that it's much farther than you think, but at least you notice the pretty

Adams Cabin Hike | Adventurin'

There are 3 hikes in Adams Canyon. The main one with the 40ft falls HERE. The one that no one knows about that is only 25 minutes with 20ft falls is HERE. And then there is the Adams Cabin Hike that is super hard and long but has a little cabin at the end. That's the one we are sharing today. You take the Adams Canyon Trail, up the switch backs, then you will see a trail straight up the mountain on the left of the main trail. That's the one you take. It's easy to follow, takes you STRAIGHT

Adams Canyon Lower Falls | Layton | Adventurin'

I just found out about this incredible hike two weeks ago when my son went on it with his scout group. He came home talking about hiking to the falls and back in less than an hour. I couldn't figure out what he was talking about, because Adams Canyon takes about 3 hrs round trip. I asked him to take us the following week and I have to say, I feel totally jipped! I have lived in Layton the majority of my life and NEVER knew about this incredible waterfall that is about three minutes from my house to the
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