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Newspaper Rock | Adventurin' | Monticello

Located just West of Church Rock (above) you'll find yourself on a nice 20 minute drive to Newspaper Rock. You'll also pass a bunch of abandoned cabins that once belonged to a religious cult that worshiped Church Rock. (Things only the locals tell you.) Think of Newspaper Rock like a Facebook and Twitter Page only a 2000 year old version. Could you imagine sitting there and chiseling out your story, who knew how long that would take you? This petroglyph site is 200 square foot area one the largest and best preserved. We came up with all sorts of theories

Canyon Country Discovery Center | Four Corners School | Monticello

The main reason The Salt Project even went to Monticello, was because of the Canyon Country Discovery Center. We'd been e-mailing back and forth and they opened out eyes to how much we were missing! We'd been to Moab plenty of times, but never further south on the eastern side of Utah. So you can thank them for all the awesome things we're going to post in the next few weeks. They have a brand new building that's constantly adding new features, exhibits, tours, nature walks and things to do like crazy! Here's Lyndie giving us a tour, it's quite

Planning a 3 Day Trip to Monticello | Adventurin'

Read to break away from I-15? I mean most of The Salt Project posts are all along I-15, it's what most of us are familiar with. The rest of Utah is such an unknown to us, especially myself. Luckily, Lyndie from Four Corners School of Outdoor Education sent us an e-mail explaining about this rad "School" in Monticello, Utah. Where's Monticello? Just south of Moab. The only reason I even know where Monticello is, is because I had a college roommate from this far, south-eastern town. I lived in New Mexico as a child and road tripped from New Mexico
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