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Scenic Drive : Cathedral Valley and The Temple of the Sun/Moon

Choosing to do this long drive ended up being a wonderful idea because my kids SLEPT. So, for families who have toddlers/kids who still need that mid-afternoon nap I absolutely recommend doing this. Do a hike or two in the morning and then instead of trying to get them to sleep in a tent or dealing with grumpy kids, go on a long hike and have them sleep in the car! (If your kids can sleep in the car that is, not everyone is lucky.) The views on this road are GORGEOUS. The road is in pretty good condition too

14 Reasons to Staycation in Marysvale

I know, most of you haven’t heard of it before. I’ve ridden my bike through Marysvale…back in college. Anyways, Marysvale. Why did we go there? My sister recently got married and this new husband comes with 2 four wheelers (something that’s never appeared in our families before.) He really wanted to go to Marysvale for Labor Day Weekend. I tried my darndest to get him to go somewhere else, but he couldn’t be moved. But it’s okay, I totally fell in love with the town and residents. (I'll be breaking down many of these in a specific post later on.)

Off-Roading through Marysvale with Piute ATV Rentals

How many of you knew that Marysvale is Nationally known for their 2,200 miles of ATV roads? We even played the license plate game. You know, the one where you try and find all the states? There were plates from Connecticut and Michigan, basically, almost anywhere except Utah. It's kind of crazy to think that people from clear across the country come to a tiny town that most Utahns have never even heard about. It seems that no where was quite as busy as Lizzie and Charlie's RV/Campground! I mentioned all the different things to do in Marysvale in a

Broken Spur Inn | Torrey

Welcome, to The Broken Spur Inn! I was pretty excited to stay here. It has an awesome view, swimming pool, home baked goods, restaurant and cowboy attire. All things to make the perfect stay. The room was clean and organized. The bathroom, even cleaner. (I have morning sickness all day and so I made a prompt inspection on the toilet, unwillingly.) I love rooms that have themes, I think it makes for the whole experience. After spending a few minutes at the swimming pool and hot tub to get the last of the wiggles out we headed to bed. (Somehow

Capitol Reef National Park Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of Capitol Reef! We only spent half a day in Capitol Reef National Park, so here's the 3 things we did. 1. Visit Goosenecks Overlook We woke up from The Broken Spur Inn, had a delicious breakfast and headed out. It was fairly cool for being the middle of the desert, but after 15 minutes walking out to Goosenecks Overlook we were sweating! We were soon taking off all the layers we had so carefully put on. Goosenecks Overlook is pretty amazing, not quite as cool as this Gooseneck but lovely nonetheless. The kids got quite

Capitol Reef National Park

We woke up from our stay at Escalante Outfitters, walked the slot canyon near Boulder and after half a day of exploring, we finally made it to Torrey Utah. You might be wondering where all these little towns are in Utah, well, South-Central Utah is the best description. Why are we even in that part of Utah? It was my husbands super long way to drive to Monticello, which is in South-Eastern Utah. See, we were suppose to go to the Grand Opening at the Canyon Country Discovery Center in Monticello and my husband refused to drive the same way
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