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19 EPIC Things to do in Sevier County | 12 Utah Staycations harm Mon, 09/02/2019 - 18:52
We just finished up our 8th Staycation in Sevier County Utah! Central Utah is nothing to overlook, there's SO much to do! We've teamed up with Utah's Trail Country to giveaway an Epic Staycation so be sure to enter here! Where to Stay in Richfield. We stayed in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. It was beautiful, clean and family-friendly! Breakfast at the hotel is necessary with kids! The pool and hot tub were awesome too! Richfield's Visitor Center You can't miss it, it's right on the way into town! GG's Marketplace Go for the donuts or hot breakfast! Mystic
Richfield City Park | 12 Utah Staycations harm Mon, 09/02/2019 - 16:18
After floating the canal and going on an ATV ride we found ourselves hanging out at Richfield City Park. Richfield's City park was pretty impressive! This feature above was an electric light game that required the kids to run around hitting the right light and racing against time. It was actually a fun feature. The playground seemed fairly new and it was FANCY! The kids played around while we found some food for dinner. We watched a dirt biker jump across a huge ramp! We had a front-row seat and it was SOOO nice not fighting crowds! Since there was
Bowery Haven Resort and Restaurant | 12 Utah Staycations harm Mon, 09/02/2019 - 11:16
Our last and final stop of the trip was eating at Bowery Haven in Fish Lake. It's also a resort, but we were here for the food! Thanks to this sweet gal below from Utah's Trail Country! She put together an AWESOME itinerary for Sevier County! The Bower Haven is a popular stop and it's perfect for families and bigger parties. We ordered a slew of kids meals, burgers, corndogs and salads! Their fries were top-notch, I don't think I've ever had thin wedges like that before. Delish. It's an awesome place to stop for a quick bite if you
Little Wonder Cafe | 12 Utah Staycations harm Mon, 09/02/2019 - 11:10
Little Wonder Cafe is one of THE places to eat in Richfield! Located just off Main Street, where they've been since 1929! That's a long time to be in business! We've heard it right from a local's mouth that the French Toast is AMAZING! The kids got a stack of Strawberry Pancakes to share. Their portions are large! I mean, look at all that bacon. Also, if you are a corned beef and hash kind of person, try it, you won't regret it. Lots of famous people have come through town! Luckily, these local guys didn't' mind us taking their
Utah's Trail Country ATV Adventures | 12 Utah Staycations harm Sat, 08/31/2019 - 13:07
Did you know Sevier County has over 2,000 miles of ATV Trails?! Beginner to Advanced! Hence their nickname Trial country. You can get maps at the local shop Jorgensens or you can see Utah's Trail Country App (coming soon!) full of trails! Berdee, hiding from the camera. If you have any questions about trails, call the tourism office for arrangements! We highly recommend bringing along some Frozen Punch Bags from The Ideal Dairy for a snack. It was a super hot day when we went, so this was the perfect way to cool off and the kids are obsessed with
Floating the Richfield Canal | 12 Utah Staycations harm Sat, 08/31/2019 - 12:56
We love finding the local Gems! When we found out the local thing to do was float the canal...we KNEW we had to do it! Floating the canal isn't something you can do just anywhere! Luckily, our tour guide Katelin, had all the tubes and even a raft. We stuffed 4 kids and Harmony on that raft and send them down Jeb's hole! We only had one person tip over on the falls. (She was fine.) There was also a rope swing we somehow missed. We spent about 45 minutes floating down the canal. Honestly, it was SOOO relaxing! The
Bum Rock | 12 Utah Staycations harm Sat, 08/31/2019 - 12:26
Check! We stopped for gas in the tiny town of Koosharem, one of the smallest towns I've seen in a while. Luckily, they had a gas station. It's a super cute tiny town. After Koosharem we headed on out to Bum ROCK! You know The Salt Project loves road side oddities. What's more odd than a giant Bum Rock! The best part? Finding a Geocache there too! We dropped some SP stickers in there so be sure to tag us when you visit Bum Rock! We're excited to see your photos too! Be sure to visit our next post! It's
Fish Lake | 12 Utah Staycations harm Sat, 08/31/2019 - 12:01
Welcome to Fish Lake in Fish Lake National Park! Located in the sweet county of Sevier! Years ago, when I was probably 6 or 7, my family camped at Fish Lake. I don't have a whole lot of memories other than my little sister falling off the dock into the frozen water. That's it. So I was SUPER excited when I found out that Fish Lake was on our itinerary for our 8th Staycation! We've teamed up with Utah's Trail Country to giveaway and AWESOME Staycation in Sevier County! So be sure to it out! Also, we have an epic
Pando Forest Overlook | Fish Lake Overlook |12 Utah Staycations harm Sat, 08/31/2019 - 12:01
We were super lucky to have a local plan our Sevier County Staycation! SO lucky! Katelin was born and raised in Richfield, so she knew allll the places we would love! This time she showed us the way to the Pando Forest Overlook above Fish Lake! The Pando Forest is THE largest living organism on the planet and it's right here in Utah! It's also next to Fish Lake and the view is stunning! Be sure to check out the map below for our exact route. Also, don't forget to stop at Bum Rock! You can see Pando on the
Red Hills Hot Springs | 12 Utah Staycations harm Wed, 08/28/2019 - 16:20
Right after visiting Mystic Hot Springs we were told there was another hot spring nearby and this one was FREE! While Mystic Hot Springs is beautiful, one can't pass up a free hot spring! I was actually very surprised by this sign. Many hot springs are trashy and not well kept, but this one, this lovely community hot spring was obviously well cared for. There was a grill, a firepit, a swinging chair and hardly ANY trash on the ground. Please, PLEASE keep it clean for everyone! The kids could have spent HOURS here. They loved being able to divert
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