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Corner Station Deli & Co-op

Who knew such a tiny town could have such a delicious little stop? We've actually stopped here twice in the past month. (when we visited Spring City and then camping in Fairview.) Both times we were super happy with our food! The decor in the store is pretty cute too. I loved the exterior, that's actually what made me stop. There's also a Co-Op store on the other side that has lots of fun trinkets and decorations for sale. I seriously considered an antique coffee table... The second time we came, we had my mom and sister, so we were

Tap-Z-Log Grill & Restaurant

While this isn't technically in Fariview, Tap-Z-Log is in another tiny town down the street called Mount Pleasant. (Population 3,300) A few weeks before camping we were headed to Spring City and happened to stop here for some food. Yelp had some good ratings and our options were limited. We were so happy with how good it was that we brought the family back while camping. (We couldn't have camp fires, so I felt that it was a good choice!) I can't remember everything we ate, but we ordered quite a bit of food and everything was gone. I remember

Camping at Skyline Mountain Resort in Fairview

I love visiting the tiny towns of Utah. Staying for a day or two makes all the difference and helps give you a feel for the speed of the town. Fairview (Population 1247) was our chosen destination for camping. I'm super excited to share not only our camping experience, but I've got a Fairview city guide coming soon! Who knew such a tiny town has some good hidden gems. I've been dying to go camping, especially, since we borrowed my FIL's pop-up trailer. Some of my favorite childhood memories were camping in our pop-up trailer! My mom and sisters also

Fairview Museum of History

Many of you suggested visiting the Museum when we asked what to do. I’m so glad you told us about the Museum. This was probably one of the most eclectic museums I’ve been too. Much of it was historic, pioneer themed, and then some of it was local artists and sculptures. There were so many weird/interesting newspaper articles and photos all over. The kids favorite part was the old telephones. There was even a super old switchboard, telephone booth, and a bunch of fun spin phones. We loved the mix at the Museum, it’s definitely a fun stop if you

Fairview Lion's Park & Farmer's Market

While stopping at the Fairview Farmer’s Market, we discovered that it was right next to this AMAZING park; Lion's Park! It’s kind of crazy how huge this park is. There's actually another park on the south end of town, but we didn't make it there. I've seen many parks and this one probably had 3 parks in one. I didn't even make it to the other side of the park. While I shopped at the farmer’s market, the kids played and explored. A funny story, the bathrooms there…have extremely COLD toilets. While usually not fun, it was super hot that

Sunrise F Elk Ranch

When we drove down to Spring City a few weeks ago, I saw a sign that said “Elk Tours.” Naturally, I had to do some research. Since we had come to camp in Fairview, I figured NOW would be the perfect time to visit. I booked an appointment and away we went. Chip, the owner of the ranch gave us the tour and we immediately liked him! The kids instantly liked him too. The ranch is just behind his home and we started our tour. The kids were immediately in love, IN LOVE with the cats and met the goats

Why You Should Visit the Historic Town of Spring City

Wow! I can't believe it's been a whole year, somehow, I forgot to write all about my first experience to the Spring City Heritage Festival from 2018. We're giving away tickets on Instagram, so be sure to go and enter. My husband and I decided last minute that we should visit Spring City and I'm so glad we did. We dropped the kids off at grandma's and headed down to Spring City. Spring City is one of the few places in the US where the ENTIRE town is on the National Historic Register. During the Celebration, locals open up their

13 Things to do in the Tiny Town of Fairview

Go fishing at all the different reservoirs. We’ve been fishing at Huntington Reservoir, Electric Lake, Cleveland Reservoir, Miller’s Flat and Gooseberry Reservoir. See where they found Mammoth Bones! The actual bones aren't there anymore, but it's a fun site if you plan on fishing right next to the site. You can also see a replica of the bones at the Fairview Museum of History. ATV all along the Skyline Trail. There was a wildfire not too far away from us, but that didn't stop the men from driving all over the mountain. Try the Arapeen trail too. Camp at Skyline

A Few Reasons You Should Visit Spring City for Memorial Weekend

Have you ever heard of Spring City, Utah? I'm not talking about Springville, but Spring City (totally different place). If you haven't heard of this charming historic town (one of the only towns in the USA registered in its entirety on the National Historic Register), you MUST put it on your bucket list of places to visit in Utah. Located in Sanpete County, just north of the city of Manti, Spring City is utterly enchanting. It's full of gorgeously preserved pioneer homes and other buildings from the mid-1800's, and is also home to a vibrant artist community. One of the
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