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Natural History Museum of Utah | Ancient Secrets Hidden World

There is a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Utah and you know what that means! Field trip time! I was shocked to look back and see that the last time my family had visited was 3 year ago! Why do the kids have to grow so fast? The bad news is that we were WAY over due for a visit since this is one of my kids favorite museums in SLC. The good news, some of their favorite parts of the museum back then are still their favorite parts today. The new Maya Exhibit was incredible and

Visiting the BYU Museum of Art

Visiting Provo any time soon? If you're looking for something free to keep you and the kids entertained for a morning or afternoon, check out the BYU Museum of Art. This FREE museum is rad, and offers so many great things for families to do! In fact, it's one of the best art museums in Utah . . . and it's FREE! Recently, my family and I visited the MOA to check out a new contemporary art installation titled "Windswept", by artist Patrick Dougherty. My kids loved exploring the twisting forms created by intertwined willow saplings. The whole installation felt

Hands on Art : Art and Ceramic Studio

Last week, we had the chance to partner up with Hands on Art. It's a Ceramic and Art Studio that's super family friendly. The owner, Iraima, used to run art classes out of her garage, but felt there was a need in the community and opened her own shop in Farmington. They have adult and children art classes, parties for scout, church, and work groups and Paint Nights. Basically, something for everyone. When you walk in, you see all sorts of different artwork, the kids love it. You can do your own screen printing too! You can either join a

Natural History Museum of Utah | Salt Lake City

We were recently invited on a trip to the Natural History Museum up on the University of Utah campus. If you've ever seen Night at the Museum, it is basically Utah's version of that same type of museum (only nothing comes alive... that I know of :) There is however a huge variety of things to see and explore from all different periods throughout history and covering everything from geology to biology to anthropology to metrology and a whole ton of other ologies as well! Our museum here has a TON of hands on exhibits, you can tell they had

Coupon | Kangaroo Zoo | Field Trippin'

We’ve been loving all this warm summer weather! I mean, we went to a playdate at the park in February! It was amazing and beautiful and just what we all needed. But Utah can be cruel like that. It can give us nice sunny skies and beautiful days earlier than we expected but then, just a couple weeks later, the forecast predicts rain all week. That rain always gets us down just as we were getting our hopes up that we’d be able to spend our days outside! When those rainy days come, we always take a trip to one

9 Reasons Why We Love The Leonardo | Field Trippn' | 2016

My kids (10yrs-18m) love museums, they love Field Trippin', they love exploring. The Leonardo is one of their favorite museums and here are 9 reasons why they love it! 1. All Ages Every time I go, I see parents engaged and playing/learning with their children. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about. The baby is always happy to run wild and explore, my elementary age kids are straight up in heaven! And my husband and I are right there with them exploring and having fun. (sorry, we don't have teenagers, but we are guessing they would be pretty

The Leonardo | Field Trippn' | The Mummies

During our failed attempt to see the lights at Temple Square last month (the place was so packed we just turned around and went home. Word to the wise, Don't Go On the Saturday Before Christmas.) We saw signs downtown for the Mummy Exhibit at The Leo. I missed the Body World Exhibit last year and have been kicking myself ever since. So I added the Mummy Exhibit to my Winter Bucket List and I'm SO glad I did! My kids always beg to go to The Leonardo. It's one of their favorite museums and its located right down town


If you thought the library was only good for checking out books and movies, it's time for you to make a trip to your local branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library*. Visit any branch of the SLC Library and you will find a TON of free activities to help you and your littles beat the winter time blues. (See link here to explore a full list of all activities offered at all library branches. Click here for our past SLC Library Posts. ) *(The branches of this library are the nearest to me, but I know other public

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art | Field Trippin' | Free

We've got a new gal here on The Salt Project! Meet Camille: Mama, Adventurer and latest contributor to The Salt Project Team. She's here to tell you all about UMOCA. Family Art Saturday at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art! Kids and adults alike will love the free family art activities offered every second Saturday of the month at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA) in downtown Salt Lake City. My family and I have visited the UMOCA throughout the years to examine the terrific contemporary art exhibits that are constantly changing, but this was our first experience with

Church History Museum | Field Trippin'

On a rainy day is Salt Lake City, we found ourselves at the New Church History Museum. It was a Saturday, it was UEA weekend, and it was rainy, so it was a little crowded. But... it was still amazing! And I just want to go back even more. The museum re-opened its doors October 2015 with an all new interactive exhibit "The Heavens Are Opened". If you have been to the Mormon Battalion Historic Site in Old Town, San Diego, California, then you know what's in store for you at this new museum. If not, I highly recommend going
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