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Antelope Island Buffalo Round-up

We've heard about the Antelope Buffalo Round-Up for years, I guess we'll just keep on hearing about it, too. Apparently there is a Round-up — before the official Round-up. The first Round-up was the real Round-up we wanted to see. Get it? Well we didn't' either. Let me start from the beginning. It was a fine, glorious November morning as we headed out to the lonely island in the Great Salt Lake. Not really sure where we should go for said Round-up, we headed towards the Fielding Garr Ranch. (It's 19 miles from the Visitor Center.) It was safe to

Antelope Island Adventuring

While out at Antelope Island, Stephanie took her crew on a short hike. It's the Egg Island Overlook at it's about .28 miles. One couldn't have asked for a more beautiful November sky. Really, Antelope Island could be a whole day kind of adventure. Be sure to pack some food and water to take with you. Check out our other adventures at Antelope Island! What's been your favorite thing to do out there? Be sure to check out our other Antelope Island Adventures.
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