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Taking the slow route on Pinto Road

Pinto Road is a dirt road that takes you west of Cedar City into a different world. Sure, there are plenty of dirt roads in the world, but I've always loved taking this route for the sake of driving slow and driving through time. We happened upon this road when we bought a house in Old Iron Town, twelve years ago! There's historic homes along the way and even some tiny towns that people still live in. You can actually take this road all the way to a hidden gem called Pine Valley, a green oasis in by St. George

Old Iron Town | Southern Utah

Welcome to Old Iron Town! We've just added Old Iron Town to "Tiny Towns" you need to visit in Utah. Old Iron Town is about 25 miles west of Cedar City, hidden in Dixie National Forest. Mormon pioneers were sent from Cedar City in the 1850s to create an ironworks at Iron Town, but the little town didn't last long. Since then, the historic buildings have been added to the National Register of Historic Places. I actually used to live in Old Iron Town. Back in the day, before kids, the husband and I thought we would be country people

The Pizza Cart | Grubbin' | Cedar City | Roadtrippin'

Roadtrippin' to Southern Utah this weekend?! Make sure to check these guys out everytime you head down south. After hiking around in Iron County all day the kids were famished. Apparently they were getting sick of trail mix and granola bars, so we promised them fresh hot pizza. As parents that needed to eat too, this meant finding a good pizza place. After asking around and getting advice from a few of the local Cedar City folks we found the The Pizza Cart. Having never tasted their food yet, we looked into them and were instantly in love before ever

Roadtrippin' | Southern Utah | Just outside Cedar City

We've got a few hikes for you. Harmony and Melinda lived in Cedar City during college and seemed to hike a lot more than they do now! These are some of our favorite spots. Some are popular, some are only known to the locals. Some hikes are for older kids, like teenagers, while some can be all ages. We hope that you'll try them out! Red Cliffs Nature Trail | Red Cliffs near St. George. (All Ages) It's not really as scary as the picture looks. But it makes it look super cool right? This lovely hike is just a
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