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Sandy Amphitheater Splash Park

Alex is here to tell us about her favorite Splash Pad! My boys and I have been exploring local splash parks to try and figure out which one is our favorite. Right now, it's the one at the Sandy Amphitheater! The fact that it's the closest to our home is just an added bonus, but we love that the city of Sandy really made an effort to provide some shade during the hot summer months both for the kids playing in the water and the parents sitting down to watch. There are a few awnings that shade some sitting areas

Fairview Lion's Park & Farmer's Market

While stopping at the Fairview Farmer’s Market, we discovered that it was right next to this AMAZING park; Lion's Park! It’s kind of crazy how huge this park is. There's actually another park on the south end of town, but we didn't make it there. I've seen many parks and this one probably had 3 parks in one. I didn't even make it to the other side of the park. While I shopped at the farmer’s market, the kids played and explored. A funny story, the bathrooms there…have extremely COLD toilets. While usually not fun, it was super hot that

South Ogden Nature Park Splash Pad & Park

South Ogden Nature Park Splash Pad & Park is one of my favorites places to visit to beat the heat. If you've been following along on stories, you've seen me hit this park up a few times in the past couple weeks. I think I like it because it has a big kid park and then a small kid park right next to the Splash Pad. I also don't feel like it's SUPER busy, but then again, I'm a get-there-right-when-everything-opens to help beat the crowds. Which means it might be a little cooler outside, but I feel like kids don't

Nature Connects Art with Lego Bricks at Red Butte Garden

Rhiannon was at the Lego Exhibit at Red Butte Garden! We know you guys love Legos! So here’s the scoop. There are 14 Lego sculptures all over Red Butte Garden Garden. We visited the “Opening Event” on June 2nd to take a look at these sculptures and I would have to say, it’s pretty impressive! Flowers are in full bloom at Red Butte Garden and there is SO MUCH GREEN everywhere! We had a lot of fun exploring the pond, the children’s garden, and the Rose Garden. Since we were there on “Opening” day we also got a chance to

Pizza, Boardwalk and Beach in Garden City Park

After our RZR ride we headed over to Summit Inn Pizza in Garden City to do some take-out! (Thanks for having us Summit!) We reviewed Summit Inn Pizza in the winter and it was delicious. So we had to try it again! This time we took it to the Garden City Park Beach. Sadly, we were just a week early for their Dole Whips... so we'll have to check those out next time. (If you have one, let us know!) The pizza did not disappoint. Their doodles (above) and sauces are always a favorite. This time we had the Margherita
Creekside Park in Bountiful harm Mon, 04/23/2018 - 20:02
Bountiful City, you have officially outdone yourself (Slow clap.) Creekside Park is unlike any park we've seen before. You can tell the landscape of the area was carefully considered as there are many mature trees all over the park. We've also never seen slides THIS big. Plus so much MORE! Awesome Playground. Check. Awesome Toys. Check. Awesome Location by Creek. Check. (Riz's shirt is from local Utah Shop Sawyer.) Bridge. Check. Walking Paths that are wheel friendly. Check. (Similar HoverBoard.) Lovely tree. Check. Seriously! See that slide!? Pavilions. Creekside Park officially has it all! Bathrooms, pavilions, water toys, huge grassy

Harmony Park | South Salt Lake

I don't know about you, but I get super excited when I discover a new park to visit with my kids. The other day, I was running errands in South Salt Lake and I needed to take a break with my two youngest. I did a quick Google search and found a nearby park called Harmony Park, so we checked it out. I was very pleasantly surprised. The park features two large playground structures, plus swings and various other fun playground toys that you don't see at a whole lot of parks around town. One of my kids' favorite things

Steenblik Park aka the "Cat Park"

Friends, if you've never heard of the "Cat Park", it's your lucky day! Steenblik Park, aka the "Cat Park" is a favorite playground of Salt Lake City locals who live in the Rose Park neighborhood. Having been a resident of Rose Park for several years, I can testify of the glory that is the "Cat Park", as Steenblik Park is lovingly called by neighbors. Originally christened the "Tot Lot", the park later gained the official name of Steenblik Park, named after the Steenblik family who built the Rose Park neighborhood into what it is today. (Fun fact: lots of Steenblik

Porter Way Park

The Porter Way Park is the go-to place in Tooele County for birthday parties, church get-togethers, family reunions, etc. With twenty-eight acres and a pavilion with bathrooms, it is the perfect park for large gatherings. The park is located at the intersection of Porter Way and Discovery Way in Stansbury Park. Its central location makes it a great place for Tooele and Salt Lake area folks to meet up. It is also our go-to park when we just want to get out as a family or meet a few friends for a playdate. We love this playground because it has

Great Harvest Bread | Ashley Valley Community Park | The Park of all Parks

Welcome, to one of the biggest parks you'll ever find in a small(ish) town or any big city. We decided to have a picnic at this awesome park! We got there right around noon. Luckily, Great Harvest Bread partnered up with us, because we were border line HANGRY. (Did you see our Instastory with the owner? We love working with the locals.) Who doesn’t love some good slices of bread from Great Harvest Bread? (Have you seen our past article about the one in Layton?) Did you know each one is locally owned? We partnered up with the local Vernal
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