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Knudsen Park | Woom Bike Meet-Up with Off The Couch

A few weeks ago we did a bike meet-up at Knudsen Park in Holladay and man, it is a BEAUTIFUL park! We got to Knudsen Park just a few minutes early and my kids LOVED it. Not only is the play pieces cool, but the landscape is something else. I can't remember being in such a pretty park. As soon as we arrived at Knudsen Park the kids were off exploring! Swings, slides, things to climb on, this park has everything. Super random but these bathrooms are NICE. I've been to lots of gross park bathrooms so this was a

Richfield City Park | 12 Utah Staycations

After floating the canal and going on an ATV ride we found ourselves hanging out at Richfield City Park. Richfield's City park was pretty impressive! This feature above was an electric light game that required the kids to run around hitting the right light and racing against time. It was actually a fun feature. The playground seemed fairly new and it was FANCY! The kids played around while we found some food for dinner. We watched a dirt biker jump across a huge ramp! We had a front-row seat and it was SOOO nice not fighting crowds! Since there was

Canyon View Park in Nephi

Once I had kids I started saying "I've always got 15 minutes." Meaning, I've always got 15 minutes to let the kids go run wild at a park. We found ourselves driving I-15 once again and this time we let them have more than 15 minutes! Canyon View Park is right off of I-15 and just down the street from Wendy's and the gas station. We've driven I-15 SOOOOO many times, we know what bathrooms are decent and which to avoid. This time we got some fast-food and then headed the short distance to the Canyon View Park. It's the

Pioneer Park

New park alert!!! Pioneer Park in Kaysville is GORGEOUS! It's huge, spacious, new, huge, did I mention it's huge? These guys have it all, swings, slides, a little elevator, spider web, tunnels, things to climb, bridges, gorgeous walkways, lots of rocks to climb, bathrooms, and a giant barn with tables. Need I say more? Unfortunately, it was mid day when we went so it was blazing hot out, I wasn't feeling well, and the baby had just fallen asleep in the van, so I ran around to snap some photos really quick, then let the kids play for 15 minutes

Bike Ride to Garden City Park from Conestoga | 12 Utah Staycations

One of our favorite activities at Conestoga Ranch is the BIKES! We're super excited to team up with Conestoga Ranch and share all about our experience. Conestoga Ranch has bikes for almost everyone! There are tandem bikes, bikes with training wheels, kid bikes, cruisers all sorts of bikes. (Don't forget your helmet and to sign the waiver!) Seems like bike rides have been our new thang in each Staycation! I'll admit, they've quickly become one of my favorite activities. I've mentioned it before, but there is something totally magical about biking through a town. There's a WHOLE different feel to

Bryce Canyon City Park | 12 Utah Staycations

The horseback riders weren't quite done, so we decided to hit up a park after visiting Bryce Canyon National Park via car. I spied this park on our way into town, I don't recall it on our last trip, so I think it's fairly new. After after kids, I realized, I ALWAYS have 15 minutes to let them run around and get some energy out. It helps everyone get the wiggles out and makes the car ride just a little bit more enjoyable for everyone! Thanks to Garfield County for sponsoring our trip! You'll want to go and enter our

Swing and Spin Park

They had me at 150 ft gravity rail! Aka Swing rollercoaster! ​ This park is new and clearly no one knows about it because we had the whole place to ourselves! It's in the middle of nowhere. Don't be surprised if you drive right passed it like we did. The website says it's tucked into a neighborhood. Tucked, yes. Neighborhood, that could be argued. I think the city had a weirdly shaped plot of land that they knew no one would ever build on and decided to put a park there. The location is random. But the city didn't hold
Thunder Junction All Abilities Park Video harm Sat, 11/17/2018 - 11:44
Have you been to Thunder Junction All Abilites Park in St. George?! It's AMAZING! We went a few years ago (see the post here) but we went again because it was so close to our hotel. This time the kids were a little older and able to do so much more on their own. We really loved that the Splash Pad was still open and the TRAIN WAS OPEN! This park is Epic. From the smoking volcano, to the train rides, to the dinosaurs and slides, we really loved Thunder Junction All Abilities Park! If you go, be sure to

Fairy Doors at Brooks Nature Park | St George Utah Rocks #StGRocks

Brooks Nature Park was quite the beautiful surprise. I wasn't expecting such a pretty little oasis in the middle of St. George. I was chatting with Sidney from ATV Jeep & Adventure Tours and she mentioned some Fairy Doors ran by #StGRocks on Facebook, so the kids and I made sure to create a few rocks to leave. We weren't given too many hints about where to find the Fairy Door, so we had to do a bit of scavenging. The Park isn't big, so I knew we'd find it eventually. Fairy Doors are little hidden spots where people go

Rotary Play Park at Liberty Park

Liberty Park is the oldest park in Salt Lake City. It also has the bragging rights of being the second largest park in the city, at eighty acres. Liberty Park has the space to support many different activities and events. There are walking/jogging trails, picnic areas, tennis courts, a swimming pool, horseshoes, seasonal amusement rides, farmers market, concession stand, basketball courts, tennis courts, a pond, paddle boats available to rent and playgrounds. It is also home to the Tracy Aviary. (We've written a few times about it) We know many of you are looking for ways to beat the heat
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