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The Children’s Center | Secret Service Ninjas

We took a trip to The Children’s Center in Salt Lake City. I have always wanted to raise a family that knew the joy of service. I’m not going to lie, it has been hard finding service opportunities that little kids can do. Most homeless shelters don’t want kids in the kitchen and most service projects are just a little too intense for a two year old. But, we searched high and low this season and found a few that I’m really excited to share with you! Today I want to tell you about The Children’s Center. This place is

Operation Secret Service Ninjas | UMFA

We’ve been searching high and low for service opportunities for children this season. We found a great one and, thanks to the help of The Salt Project readers, we were able to donate over 300 Decoration and Craft Kits to the children at Primary Children’s Hospital. Toys, games and activities help make the children at Primary Children’s Hospital feel more comfortable during their stay. It would be hard enough to spend your Holidays in the hospital so we were really excited at the chance to bring just a little bit of joy to their days at Primary Children’s Hospital. There

Operation Secret Service Ninjas

We haven't been doing our Secret Service Ninjas Projects like we should. So we've made a new goal to do at least one service project a month! Doesn't have to be big deal, even the smallest service act goes a long way. So this last month, we decided to go and decorate Veteran's doors for Veteran's Days. We gathered some friends, die-cuts, balloons, tape and Secret Service Ninjas and set out to decorate. The kids got super creative in hanging hearts up high. Also, see that door on the right hand side? Well, that door was one we decorated the

The Paul Moore Foundation

We love Utah. We love food. We love our kids. We love our readers and we also love Station Park. Combine all things and you have the biggest heart eyes ever. The sweet family you see in the video is Paul Moore and his family. Paul was diagnosed with kidney cancer just a few months ago and has bravely faced every challenge with a strong will and a positive outlook. Since his diagnosis, the cancer has progressed despite multiple surgeries and excruciating treatments which have included a hip replacement, kidney removal, and a surgery to remove tumors from his head

Syracuse RC Willey Food Truck Event | Syracuse | Grubbin'

We've got our next food Truck Group for you to follow! Syracuse RC Willey Food Truck Event! (It maybe be a mouthful to pronounce, but sheeesh, have you ever tried looking on Facebook for Food Truck Groups? It's CRAZY!) This group is located in Syracuse at the RC Willey Parking Lot. (Address below and be sure to see our tips) In no particular order, we give you a few of the food trucks we've tried. Courses Cooks Food Truck & Courses Catering This family owned business is one of the local favorites. The line was already quite long and they'd

Hobo Hammocks | Adventurin'

Harmony here! We're kind of new at this whole hammock thing. I even bought my husband a hammock for Father's Day last year, maybe two years ago, thinking it would be awesome. While it was awesome the three times we've used it, it's mainly spent its sad little life in our storage room. My sister Hali, has been "hammocking" (is that even the right word?) for four years now and we're slowly starting to embrace it. Really, it is SO much fun. Auntie Hali always has her hammock in the car and seems to find a place to hang it

Operation Secret Service Ninjas | Zone 6 | Ogden Nature Center | Ogden

While we've been wanting our Secret Service Ninja to appear more frequently, we're a little embarrassed that he hasn't. In March we were able to volunteer to go and plant 20 trees at the Ogden Nature Center. (Read our previous posts here.) At first, we were kind of like...WHOA, 20 trees...11 kids under the age of 13 and then three of them are basically babies?! We were envisioning the ones you buy with a 20 gallon bucket on the bottom...Crazy talk. Luckily, they were more like little twig bushes. We could handle that. We set out to Zone 6 for
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