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Ogden River Parkway - Centennial Trail - BEGINING TO END

Since Covid-19 and quarantine hit us this spring, we have had the best time exploring all the places that we never really could before because we got longboards and bikes! We have always had bikes, but not enough for the whole family to ride at once. Also, they take up so much space that we couldn't fit them in our van and fit all of our kids too. The first week of quarantine my kids ordered longboards on line. They have been the biggest game changer for us. We have been able to explore places that we have never been

Trackline Bike Park - Ogden's NEWEST bike park

My mom sent me a text about this new park on Ogden. There were a couple photos but it didn't even have an address listed. We decided to pack up the bikes today (which is no small miracle in and of itself 5 kids, plus my massive bike doesn't work if we are taking kids to ride the bikes that we pack. So we made the executive decision to leave the littlest Read at home with Papa so we would all fit. We really need to get a bike rack, and a hitch ASAP. It should be noted that while

Art Nord Hiking Trail at Snowbasin Resort | Salt Project Hike Meet-Up

A few weeks ago we had a Hike Meet-Up with Tim from This is Ogden! We hiked the Art Nord Trail, a family-friendly hike just off of the old Snowbasin Road. Be sure to check out the trail maps and tips below. Thanks to all of you that came! We had quite a group. We had families, people who just happened to see our FB Hike Event and were visiting the state, people of all ages and skill levels. It was really fun to get together with a group that we might not have otherwise met. The Art Nord Trailhead

Birdsong Trail

The other morning my friend asked if I wanted to hike/bike the Birdsong Trail in Ogden. I hadn't been on the trail for a number of years and was really thrown off when my friend said it's "mostly shaded." The Birdsong Trail I went on years ago didn't have much shade, so I was really curious. Little did I know there was another section right off Taylor street and it really was "mostly shaded!" It did start out in full sun for a hot minute at the top of the trailhead. Birdsong Trail is 1 mile one way. Birdsong is

r.a.m.p. 2019 | Free Saturday Activities in Weber County

It's that time again! Weber County has a bunch of free Saturday Activities! The Salt Project has been to a few of these places, so be sure to check out our past posts in the links below. Boy Scouts of America Ropes Course Hours: 10:00am - 4:00pm 1200 E 5400 S - South Ogden (801)479-5460 Marshall White Center Hours: 10:00am - 3:00pm 222 - 28th Street - Ogden (801)629-8346 Roy Recreation Complex/Pool Hours: 11:00am - 7:00pm 2150 W 4700 S - Roy (801)774-1050 Dinosaur Park Hours: 4pm-8pm 1544 Park Blvd - Ogden (801)399-0840 North Ogden Pool (North Shore) Hours: 11:00am

Epic Birthday Party Date Night - Fly High

Confession. My birthday is in November. Not January. But because my birthday is in November, it gets skipped/combined/put off every stinking year. This year I went out to dinner with my siblings for Christmas (a couple weeks after my birthday) and at the end of the meal, as an after thought, someone said, hey, this counts as Stephs birthday dinner. They sang, they brought out my free dessert, it was nice, but it once again, it was kind of an after thought. This has been happening since the beginning of time. Every year I say, next year I'm going to

Ogden Christmas Tree on The Bonneville Shoreline

We finally did it! After one failed attempt, we headed back up the mountain to find the Ogden Christmas Tree on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail! It's just as lovely as all the photos we've seen. Lucky for us, this is a trail we know and love VERY much. We actually call it the Bench Hike Trail. Because if you go further south on the trail you'll find yourself at the best bench to view Ogden City. Today, it was 47 degrees. It was the perfect day to attempt hiking to the Ogden Christmas Tree. We tried earlier this week, but

Ogden 9th Street Bike Park

As my kids have gotten older, I've come to realize that little boys are WAYYYY different than girls. Ha! I mean, my little girls are just as adventurous, but my little boy is constantly fidgeting, wrestling and running around. While his sister is happy to color for an hour, he's content for about 5 seconds. Lucky for us, Orion has a BFF that lives down the street who is his exact age and height. I've been thinking about bike parks for a while, ever since Jack's mom took these two mountain biking while we hiked. I finally just DID it

Monarch Mural in Ogden

Ogden has a new mural and it is amazing! It's by The Monarch building (coming soon.) I don't have a whole bunch of details as we just BARELY stopped today and quickly snapped a few photos. There was a plaque with info but the kids were kind of running around like crazies, so I had to make it quick. It's a HUGE mural that goes around into the parking area. Be sure to check it out!

Park City Rafting

I was searching options to float the Weber River, one of our favorite summer traditions since we moved back to Utah. We usually float the same spot in Ogden but I knew there was a place you could go for a longer ride. While searching I found Park City Rafting. I had no idea you could raft the Weber River! And the best news is that you can take kids as young as 3! This would be a perfect addition to our Summer Bucket List for the whole family (minus #readsbonusbaby). The raft fits quite a few people so I
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