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Topaz Internment Camp Site | 12 Utah Staycations

We headed out to the Topaz Internment Camp Site just outside of Delta on Sunday morning. While there isn't much out there, I really wanted to see for myself where the Japanese people were moved too. Since I had already cried the day before at the Topaz Museum, I felt much more prepared for the site itself. There was a sort of tragic beauty to the place. Nothing for miles, desert, sagebrush. I tried to envision thousands of people behind fences and living their lives as best they could. I probably would have failed and been bitter. You can drive

Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum | Salt Lake City

Kyra is back with some more details on Discovery Gateway! We’re big fans of Discovery Gateway. We’ve had a pass for a few years now and my kids never seem to tire of it. I love that it’s located at The Gateway in downtown SLC with covered parking that leads right to the entrance of the museum. It makes for a perfect visit no matter the weather. The museum is 60,000 square feet of hands-on fun. On the first floor, they have the “Garden” area which has been recently improved with a new ‘Honey Climber’ which allows kids to climb

Hall of Breakfast + Chatbooks Giveaway!

My kids have been begging to go back to visit Hall of Breakfast since we went at the beginning of the summer. This time we went with cousins. Everyone was oohing and aahing as we entered the fridge. They have added a few new things since we last came. I loved the new toast art wall and the kids were all about the confetti! The bacon wall was new also. We left our mark! And of course the ball pit. My kids would have been perfectly happy in there for at least 5 hours. Hall of Breakfast has been such

Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway Encore!

Hall of Breakfast is now open through the end of July and The Salt Project couldn't be happier! Check out our original post here. We're heading into the depths of the kitchen fridge again and bringing you a new coupon (below!) My kids were super excited to visit, especially, since we brought their dad. They would talk about it for days after and tell their dad ALL about how we should visit and that he needed to come too. It was fun to see some new changes. Like the ice cream samples given out here. I told the kids to

Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway

Hall of Breakfast officially opens at The Gateway tomorrow! This breakfast exhibit was curated right here in Utah and is a hands-on experience (as breakfast should be.) From chillin’ with the milk, swinging in a donut, smelling coffee, licking’ the honey, sliding down bacon and eggs, you’ll see all your favorite breakfast foods displayed in a whimsical way. Plus, there's some delicious grub to try all along the way. Stephanie and I arrived with our 9 children (I know, it’s getting crazy) in tow. We were greeted by John (mastermind behind it all) who told the kids to touch EVERYTHING

Provo Pioneer Village | Adventurin'

I recently heard about Provo's FREE Pioneer Village and knew that it would be one of those great 'learning-without-even-realizing-it, while having so much fun' kind of moments for my kids. Thus, while we were down in Utah County last week we made a quick stop to check out the little log village. (We discovered they have limited hours, so make sure to plan ahead of time!) We were welcomed at the front gates by a couple of volunteers all decked out in authentic pioneer garb. They looked amazing, especially the guy playing the part of the blacksmith. One of the

St. George Children's Museum Part 1 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Steph here! We were here for hours! Good thing we ate first or we would have had to leave and then come back. The museum is two stories. The upstairs is like a small city with a post office, airport, bank and grocery store to name a few. Downstairs has a frozen exhibit, music area, and wheelchairs for the kids to play on and try their hand at b-ball on wheels. After the museum, we played at the Splash Pad which is located right next door! Be sure to check out some of Stephanie's other Museum trips in St. George

St. George Children's Museum | Part 2 | Southern Utah | Field Trippin'

Aiko would like to welcome you to the St. George Children's Museum! I took a bunch of notes about the building but lost them along the way. I do remember it used to be the college building, then an administration building and then vacant for a few years. Now, it's been remodeled for our kids! Every room had a different theme and even the hallways were decked out. Aiko loves to shop for food. Seriously, each room had something so unique. The castle room was pretty crazy. The drawbridge and the dragon. Of course, there was a castle and dress-up

Roadtrippin' | Silver Reef Ghost Town | Southern Utah

We met up with our friends from Armelle blog in Silver Reef (between St. George and Cedar City) for a tour of the Ghost Town. We had a guide take us through the 3 room museum. Then we got a map to explore the grounds. The museum had a scavenger hunt for the kids to check off as our guide told us interesting stories and facts about the artifacts in the museum. There were several old ruins of buildings left standing. Most of the town had burned down or been hauled away to build surrounding towns. The kids had fun

4 FREE Museums in St. George that kids will Love | Road Trippin'

There are 3 museums within walking distance in down town St. George, and Stephanie wrote a little about each of them. Brigham Young Winter House | St. George Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to dusk | Free | 67 W 200 N, St George, UT 84770 As we toured the home, we learned a lot interesting things. The Pioneers that settled St. George grew cotton and raised silk worms. They planted mulberry trees all over because they grow well in the climate and they are the only thing silk worms eat. In the first year, they managed to grow 100,000
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