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Downtown Provo Mural Hunt

This is an awesome family friendly activity in the Downtown Provo area. No skateboards aloud on center street, so we recommending walking to these ones. They are all within about 3 blocks and Wells (2 yrs) had no problem walking to all of them. But we definitely recommend taking a stroller if you littles get tired easily. One time in Provo - Located on Center Street Fish Kiss Bubbles - Located just off center street at Fish Kiss Located on Center Street Zebra wall - Located just south of Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen The best gift is you - Located East

Kanab Murals & Visitor Center | 12 Utah Staycations

While most cities have pretty generic flyers with semi-good information on them, we felt like Kanab was killing it with awesome flyers/brochures and suggestions. Seriously, the people there gave good information and were super friendly. The Visitor Center is a hopping place in Kanab! For the last few years, we’ve been stopping at the local Visitor Centers to find activities in new territory. Who remembers trying to do school reports and having to call somewhere (which I now know are Visitor Centers) and you'd get a cool box of postcards and brochures mailed to you. I had no idea that

Monarch Mural in Ogden

Ogden has a new mural and it is amazing! It's by The Monarch building (coming soon.) I don't have a whole bunch of details as we just BARELY stopped today and quickly snapped a few photos. There was a plaque with info but the kids were kind of running around like crazies, so I had to make it quick. It's a HUGE mural that goes around into the parking area. Be sure to check it out!

Poison Creek Trail Murals, Park City

Sadly, we can't find a trail head on the map for this awesome trail so i'll just have to tell you how to get there. There are 2 trail heads. The first is at the free parking garage behind main street. The enter trail runs behind Main Street. The second trail head is at the Skate park by the library. The trail is awesome! It has a very slight incline, it's paved, has bridges, goes through tunnels, has amazing murals, follows a small river, passes by Shoe Tree Park and it's stroller and wheel chair friendly! It took us about

Top 5 Pit Stops Along I-15

This morning on Studio 5 we shared our top 5 pit stops along I-15 in Utah. If you are planning a road trip for spring break in the next few weeks, be sure to check out our favorite spots to get out, have a picnic and stretch our legs. Red Cliffs is part of a National Conservation area and charges a $5 entrance fee per vehicle, otherwise these are all fun, FREE places where you can make a quick stop to help break up a long drive. Red Cliffs Hike Meadow Hot Springs Young Living Lavendar Farm Salt Lake City

10 MORE Salt Lake City Wall Murals

Yesterday, I found myself in Salt Lake City with two babies and I wasn't quite sure what to do. It wasn't really a planned adventure, so I didn't quite have my bearings. Plus, I knew naptime was approaching and had limited time. So I quickly ran through a list of places...but realized I didn't really want to spend money. I also thought about Gilgal Gardens, but little man was already asleep before I could finish the thought. One of our most popular Salt Lake City posts is 3 Amazing Murals in Salt Lake City. So why not add some more

Giveaway | 6 Reasons to Visit Midway | Adventurin'

Midway, this crazy little gem that is such a treasure! Let's talk about how charming and lovely the city is. Truly it looks and feels like Pinocchio and Gepetto are going to come waltzing down the road with their cricket. (Also, let's talk about how pretty that Ford F150 truck is! We teamed up with Young Automotive for a Staycation Vehicle!) 1.Handpainted Murals are Everywhere! Post Office | 125 W Main Street, Midway Everywhere you look, buildings have beautiful murals painted on them. Like the Post Office above. Or the windows have some kind of flower detail cut into the

This isn't goodbye Ogden | Giveaway (Closed)

If you haven't seen our last two weeks, or maybe you have, you'll know that we've been concentrated really hard on Ogden. It was meant to last a week, but now it's gone two, and it could quite easily go on and on. It's time to bring it to an end, besides, that's what Indie Ogden does, OGDEN. Oh, you'll see us post here and there again about Ogden. Harmony does live here and loves it so just expect it. We'd thought it would be good to round up Ogden once again, because the list keeps growing! Eccles Community Art

Ogden's River Parkway | Ogden

As we wind down our whole Ogden City focus, we'd thought you like to know about this amazing little river walk along the Weber River. 9.6 miles of paved goodness with a whole lotta stops along the way. We've listed these in order from east to west. Rainbow Gardens (Mormon Muffins) Really, they are the ultimate muffins. Delicious, warm, bran. They even put up the recipe on the website, just to prove that theirs will always taste better. George S. Eccles Dinosaur Park Just across the street from the Rainbow Gardens the trail takes you along the Dinosaur Park. While

Ogden Murals

We're back at it. You loved our Mural Post so much, that we decided to find some more! This time in my favorite town, Ogden. I know, you are probably gasping right now. Many of you fear Ogden. While Ogden does have a bad reputation, that was years ago people! Did you know that Ogden was voted the 3rd best city to raise a family? It's true friends, Ogden even beat our Provo, who was in tenth place. My family has lived in Ogden for four generations. FOUR. We've seen the ups and downs and honestly, I truly love it
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