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Mantua Reservoir | 12 Utah Staycations

Right next door to the Little Valley Country Store is Mantua Reservoir! It's a beautiful reservoir that's normally a good place to go swimming. Except this time of the year the water has been sitting a while and now people are told not to go swimming because of swimmer's itch. We've gone plenty of times previously and never had a problem. We didn't really notice the signs UNTIL after everyone had been playing in the water. Be sure to check those before swimming. We washed right off quickly and luckily, no on had drank any of the water. We're happy

Mantua Monster at the Little Valley Country Store | 12 Utah Staycations

On our way back from Inspiration Point we stopped for lunch at Little Valley Country Store in Mantua! Home of the 25 cent ice cream cones and the Mantua Monster Burger!! It's one of our favorite places to stop in Mantua (also one of the few but the Poppies!) Not only is the Little Valley Country Store an awesome place to get some food. There are desserts and you can camp or rent cabins if you want to stay! This was Harmony's first time laying her eyes on the Mantua Monster and she even ate it! Well, she shared half

Inspiration Point | 12 Utah Staycations

Inspiration Point is a 13.2 mile dirt road that starts in Mantua and leads you all the way up to the peak of the mountains! While it's a fairly easy drive for any 4x4 vehicle, we would not recommend it for any other type of vehicle. It's SUPER fun, but can get tricky with all the bumps and rocks. We've tried driving up to Inspiration Point a few times in the past but we were blocked by snow. This time, the gates were open and we didn't see ANY snow. (September 8) It's a long drive, it took us a

Downtown Brigham City | 12 Utah Staycations

Just a few more things we did while walking Main Street in Brigham City. We walked by the temple and tabernacle! See the old theater? How cool is this! The original ticket booth! The City office building is amazing! We stole this moment in the street to get a family photo! Brigham City has an epic sign welcoming you into town! What are some of your favorite things to do in Brigham City? Check out more of ours here!

The most charming town North of Salt Lake City : Mantua | Nomad Paddle

The most charming town North of Salt Lake City could quite possibly be Mantua (man-o-way). It's nestled into the canyon between Brigham City and Logan. I've driven by dozens of times and always wanted to stop. You can see the reservoir from the canyon road. The houses are charming and it looks like a scene straight out of a movie. Word on the street is that to live there you have to be voted in. Could be a rumor, but that's just what I heard. The cottonwood was drifting around like snow in June! When you pull up to the

Poppies and Fireflies in Utah? Oh my!

Guess how we found out about these poppy fields? From you. Angie sent us an e-mail with directions and photos (above.) So of COURSE we had to run up to Mantua to check it out! We love hearing from fellow Utahns. Keep using the hashtag #thesaltproject. Or e-mail! Mantua Poppy Fields I can't tell you how many times we've driven past Mantua and never ever stopped there. We've always coveted the area, but never actually stopped. We know the poppies don't last forever, but it looks like there were a bunch more getting ready to bloom. I think it would

Staycation | Adventurin'

A few weeks ago, my husband had Thursday and Friday off from work, which meant I was trying to pack in AS MANY fun activities as humanly possible. While I like to pretend that I am a planner, I'm also a completely spontaneously wreck. Plus, you'd think that we would know what to do in UTAH! Good thing I know this website to look at. ;) The week before, I gave the husband several options and let him pick, since I'm always adventurin' during the week without him. Here's what we ended up with for this day. Cherry Hill |

Inspiration Point | Mantua | Adventurin'

People will often text and say "Hey, what should I do this weekend." Or "It's my birthday, what should I do in Ogden?" You guys, we LOVE it. We're so glad that you are using The Salt Project to help plan your staycations, birthdays, vacations and weekend trips! LOVE IT. We hope we've shown you just HOW much there is to do in Utah. But even we haven't even scratched the surface! It's true we stay pretty busy at The Salt Project, but Utah is just so much dang fun. Exploring is built within each of us, it's just getting
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