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Feature Friday | Kaylie Marie

So I have a lot of Utah friends/readers asking me why we chose to live in Logan, Utah. The obvious (and true) answer is that we moved up here so Preston could go to Utah State University (go Aggies!) to study Aerospace Engineering, but it didn't take me long to realize I could spend my entire life in this little city and be completely happy. This is about when I start getting the weird looks. "But it's so.....small...." "They don't even have a Target!" << This actually does make me deeply sad. "What do you do for fun?" YOU GUYS

Fat Boy Ice Cream from Casper's

I remember eating Fat Boys during the hot Utah summers, but they were never whole ones. You see, my family found out that you can buy "seconds" from Casper's Ice Cream. Seconds, meaning, they didn't have a bottom cookie, or it was smashed in the package, or maybe there was no cookie. Yeah, that's how we roll. While we (the adults) probably didn't think it was worth it to drive all the way to Richmond, the kids sure thought it was awesome. They would smash their little noses against the glass and wave at the workers, who happily waved back

Willow Park Zoo

While in Logan we were able to stop at the Willow Park Zoo. It's one of two zoos in all of Utah. While most of their animals weren't outside because it was too cold for them, it was absolutely worth it. The leaves were just changing and the air was crisp and the animals were adorable. We watched the foxes leap. Were chased by turkeys. Met the falcon "Sugar." Her owner, Rob, let us pet her! (Because she wasn't owned by the zoo, it was okay to pet her.) You should really go and meet Rob-the-raptor-man sometime, he's super passionate

Cox Honeyland

You’d think with half of my family living in Logan, we’d actually make the trip more often, but we don’t. (much to their annoyance.) When we DO actually make the 45 minute drive, we drive right past the little Cox Honeyland sign every time, (much to MY annoyance.) The honey has been calling me for years. I have a soft spot for honey bees. Just this last week, I saved 3 bees from their impending death in the window sill. (I know, I know, I’m a saint.) So I was very EXCITED to plan a trip just to see the
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