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Kim's Taste of Cache Valley

A few weeks ago I was in Logan with my friend Melinda and we completed what my cousin Kim calls the "Taste of Cache Valley!" The Taste of Cache Valley consists of visiting local Utah outlets that produce goods and foods that are made in Cache Valley, but for a BARGAIN! The Salt Project loves good bargains! Most of these outlet stores sell what are called "seconds." Seconds are just that. They are imperfect products that are still good, but maybe missing a top of the ice cream sandwich or have some slight blemish. I'm not above scavenging for a

Hobbit Caves | 12 Utah Staycations

This is THE COOLEST hike if you can call it a hike. Basically, you park right next to a river, cross the river and you are at your destination, the Hobbit Caves! Both Harmony and Stephanie are barely 5' tall, so we felt right at home here in HOBBITON. Of course, after you explore the caves, you can follow the trail along the river for quite a ways. We didn't track how far it goes back but we did explore all over the area. Getting down to the river is a little steep but totally doable. We had 3 adults

Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center

Hey all! Spring is just around the corner and with the spring weather, my kids and I are eager to spend more time outdoors adventuring. If you've never visited the American West Heritage Center* (AWHC) in Wellsville, UT (just south of Logan), spring is the perfect time to visit, because of Baby Animal Days! I took my kids last year, and they loved it! This annual 4-day event features all sorts of baby animals - lambs, piglets, calves, kids, foals, chicks, ducklings, and even baby bears! Most of the animals can be touched (except for the bears), which is so

Corn Maze on the Farm at the American West Heritage Center | Wellsville

The American West Heritage Center is located in beautiful Cache County. It is a wonderful place where you can learn about and experience the diverse cultures that shaped the valley between 1820 and 1920. Fall is our favorite time of year to visit AWHC because the kids can enjoy all their usual favorite activities, such as the miniature train and pony rides, as well as the corn maze and pumpkin patch that are part of the Corn Maze on the Farm event. We met up with my brother and his family and our group of kids ranged from 10 months

Limber Pine Nature Trail | Hikes

Limber Pine Trail is short nature 1.3 mile loop and is always a good idea if you are near logan canyon or on your way to Bear Lake. This trail is great for all ages and levels of hikers! It is wide and level. A beautiful walk through the wooded forests and mountain meadows of the Cache National Forest. Just a few steps up from the parking lot the trail will split. Go to your right here so you can read the signs in order. Our kids loved reading the interpretive signs along the way. Especially the sign about why

Hobbit Caves & Right Hand Fork Waterfall | Logan Canyon | Adventurin'

We've been LOTR people for a long time. Recently, my sister has been teaching my kids about Gandalf, his fireworks, Smaug the Dragon, Hobbits and Hobbit Holes. In that exact order. We were heading up to Bear Lake for a family reunion and my sister was telling us about the Hobbit Caves in Logan. As we were packing up to go, I told the kids about the Hobbit Caves. They got SUPER Excited! We loaded everyone into the car and dropped our dog off at Furry Friends in Wellsville. It's a dog kennel that's only 10$ a day! The Hobbit

Clean the Sink at Angie's | Grubbin'

Their faces says it all. Do I really need to write this post? We heard about The Kitchen Sink right here on this little blog. Harmony mentioned it in a post a couple weeks ago and I was like "I'm SO adding that to my summer bucket list"! Well, we happened to be in town to hunt down the rumored fireflies and we were starving from paddle boarding and running through the Poppies in Mantua so we ran over to Angie's in Logan to take the challenge. If you clean the kitchen sink you win a bumper sticker! You can't

Ricks Springs Cave | Cache National Forest

Ricks Springs is a karst spring in Logan Canyon. It's about 20 minutes from Bear Lake. I have seen the cave off the side of the road many times as we have driven to Bear Lake and have always wanted to stop. Today was my lucky day! We pulled over on the shoulder of the road and took 15 minutes for a little pit stop to explore the springs and cave. There are plaques of information about the springs as well as a nicely paved path and bridge. There are also trails along the back side of the springs that

11 Reasons to visit Logan | Park Guide

You'd think I would know Logan inside and out. Much of my family went to school at USU and are always raving about how much they love Logan. Yet, we don't seem to make it up there very often. So, we made a random choice and headed up the canyon to go and explore Logan for a half day. It's kind of random, but I love driving through cities and finding the random. The Crepery 540 S Main St One place I have visited on multiple occasions is The Crepery. The Crepery started because the owners wanted to adopt and

Herm's Inn | Grubbin'

We took a little road trip to Logan the other weekend. We visited the North Logan Pumpkin Patch and went mountain biking up the canyon but what we can’t stop thinking about is our breakfast at Herm’s Inn. Herm’s Inn sits just outside the mouth of Logan Canyon. It was originally built in the 1900’s by Herman “Herm” Johnson and was called Herman’s Inn. At the time, it was one’s first chance for fuel outside the canyon. In 2012, the building was restored, is now called Herm’s Inn and is one of the best places to eat in Logan. All
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