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Cornerstone Dog Training - Board & Train

I wanted to share my experience with this amazing company because I am blown away by what they did for our family. No, this is not a paid advertisement. I reached out to Cornerstone for help. I was desperate. They are amazing at what they do. I had to share our experience and let others know that there is help. And a well trained dog is worth the time and investment a million times over. A little background story to set the stage.... I grew up with crazy dogs, and I vowed that I would always have well trained dogs

Your life just got easier with OOPS - Return Service

My sis tagged me in an instagram post for oops and said I needed to check them out. She knows, with 5 kids, I ALWAYS have a "return pile" by my door. Like, always! It sits there as a permanent fixture in our home. I set mental deadlines to make sure I don't miss the return window, then pack up the littles and my pile of randomness and make the dreaded pilgrimage to Kohl's, walk to the back of the store, and feel my heart drop as I realize I'm the 14th person in line for Amazon returns. Just what

Soli Wellness Chiropractor Review

Ok, I just want to start by saying that when we find a local business that we love, we want to support them. We received amazing results from Soli Wellness and wanted to share our experience here for you. I also shared it (as I was going through everything) on our social media. There were a lot of people that said Chiropractors were the way to go, others said P.T., after talking to Dr. Randy he said it really just depends on whats wrong, some times you need one or the other, sometimes both and they can help you figure


If you thought the library was only good for checking out books and movies, it's time for you to make a trip to your local branch of the Salt Lake City Public Library*. Visit any branch of the SLC Library and you will find a TON of free activities to help you and your littles beat the winter time blues. (See link here to explore a full list of all activities offered at all library branches. Click here for our past SLC Library Posts. ) *(The branches of this library are the nearest to me, but I know other public

When you grow up thinking the word "Suck" is a swear word.

We're starting a new thang! It's called Friday Favorites. Why? Because it's the little and random things that keep us going right? So we're here to tell you about VidAngel. There is a lot that we could learn from Aubry's "Let Them Be Little" poster. (Go and download yours for free too.) It's true, I did in fact, totally think "Suck" was a swear word, for a while anyway. My mama was pretty strict when it came to our words and what kind of shows we could or couldn't watch. I remember Mama not letting us watch the Simpsons (even

Young Living Lavender Farm and GayDean's | Adventurin' | Grubbin'

I-15 SUCKS. We drive I-15 many times throughout the year. Since our inlaws are from Cedar City, other than flying, there aren't many other ways to get there. Usually we leave right after work and take the 4 hour drive mainly in the dark. This time, I was riding with my father in law and we had left around 10am. We decided it was time to make some stops on I-15 neither of us had ever been to. Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona was something completely unexpected. I was expecting maybe a lavender tour of the fields, but this

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Farm | Field Trippin'

We stopped by Heber Valley Cheese for a tour while we were in Midway for the Soldier Hollow Classic and Swiss Days. After we sampled about 94 types of cheese and ice cream, they so kindly took us on a tour of the Dairy Farm next door. They are just starting to give tours of the farm to the public and we were the first to try is out. Furture tours might not be exactly like ours as they work out the bumps and streamline it. But we wanted to share our experience. First stop. BABY COW HEAVEN! I mean
Heber Valley Artisan Cheese | Field Trippin' harm Fri, 09/25/2015 - 22:51
We stopped by Heber Valley Cheese while we were in Midway for the Soldier Hollow Classic and Swiss Days. Every year during Swiss Days, Heber Valley Cheese opens the back room for cheese sampling. Grant and his family own and opperate Heber Valley Cheese as well as the the dairy farm next door. It has been in the family for generations. Even Grandma was there! Making swiss treats for everyone to sample. When I saw Grandma I knew this was the real deal. You see, I was raised in a family business. And on any given day, there are 3

Perry's Berries | Grubbin' | Adventurin'

We decided a trip out to the country farmland would be the perfect quintessential end of summer activity. I grew up with parents that always had a garden going in the backyard and learned a lot about where food comes from and how to grow and harvest my own food and wanted to pass that along to my kids. There are tons of pick your own fruit farms around Utah, so we did some research and came across Perry’s Berries just outside of Payson, Utah. They were very affordable (only $3 for a full pound of raspberries) and best of

Giveaway | Craft Lake City | Salt Lake City

Megan from Candy Everything has shown us the light! She's here to tell you about Craft Lake City. Craft Lake City is the LARGEST DIY craft fair in Utah. There are over 200 vendors selling handmade items, vintage goods, and craft food. As well as entertainment, food trucks, a kids activity area, and an amazing science and technology section. I love that this is a festival that has something for everyone. One of the first years I went I spent forever in the science and technology building because I was so amazed by 3-D printing and robot sumo wrestling. This
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