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The Little Prince found in THE BLOCKS!

The last time we were at the Opera, we were in 5th Grade, so it's been a long while! We're so excited to see "The Little Prince" found in the THE BLOCKS! If you haven't heard about THE BLOCKS you need to jump on their events page! The Blocks is a combined effort from the City and County to promote the abundance of arts and culture in Salt Lake City. Hence the reason The Salt Project was able to see The Opera! THE BLOCKS website has an interactive map, to find all the different Art Venues, Galleries, Museums, Restaurants, and
The Little Prince | The Art Factory harm Thu, 12/07/2017 - 15:58
Last weekend I took my almost 4 year old, Liam, to his first play. Neither of us were quite sure what we were getting ourselves into (Liam couldn’t wrap his mind around the fact that there was NOT going to be a screen in front of him) but we ended up having a great time. The play that we saw was “The Little Prince” by Sackerson theater company, which is going on right now at The Art Factory in Salt Lake City. I had heard of “The Little Prince” before but wasn’t familiar with the story. We’d been told it
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