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Camping at Dugway Geode Beds | 12 Utah Staycations

Since we had already driven 50 miles out to the Geode Beds, hitchhiked out to the Geode Beds, we thought, why not just camp right where we parked?! So we did! We had packed hotdogs, sandwich meats, s' mores, and snacks, so we were ready to go! We brought the firewood out and started a fire. It was fairly windy so we created a wagon circle with our RVs to help block out the wind. It was a beautiful night. The kids pulled out their bikes and scooters and rode around while we were getting the fire going. After some

Mona Rope Swing | 12 Utah Staycations

Since we had an RV and nothing planned but hitting up a bunch of places that have been on our list FOREVER! Of course we had to stop in Mona to check out the rope swing. It was about 40 degrees out so we opted not to jump in, but my kids did try out the swing, you know, to make sure it was a worth a trip back in the summer. We are definitely coming back in the summer! We just typed Mona Rope Swing into the GPS and if took us right there. There is a small parking

Salt Project RV Packing List | 12 Utah Staycations

We've now been on two RV Trips. (Thanks to Access RV) While this doesn't make us pros, one of our trips was over 10 days cross country while our Utah RV Staycation was 4 days and 3 nights. RVing is basically like camping, you have to bring everything! Even though you might think you are overpacking, you really aren't. I'd say 95% of the stuff we packed this we actually used. So here it is, our Salt Project RV Packing list. Clothes for everyone + a few extra. Light Jackets and Winter Jackets. We like to layer with Patagonia kids

Dugway Geode Beds | 12 Utah Staycations

If you've been following The Salt Project for a while, you know that Harmony loves rocks. Like, a lot. So this RV Staycation's main focus was rockhounding! We had two main spots to visit, the Dugway Geode Beds and U-Dig in Delta. The Dugway Geode Beds are on BLM land and it's free to the public to go and dig! The only hard part is that the Dugway Geode Beds are 51 miles on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Not really hard, you just have to be committed. While the road is long and bumpy you do
Canyon View Park in Nephi harm Mon, 07/15/2019 - 15:25
Once I had kids I started saying "I've always got 15 minutes." Meaning, I've always got 15 minutes to let the kids go run wild at a park. We found ourselves driving I-15 once again and this time we let them have more than 15 minutes! Canyon View Park is right off of I-15 and just down the street from Wendy's and the gas station. We've driven I-15 SOOOOO many times, we know what bathrooms are decent and which to avoid. This time we got some fast-food and then headed the short distance to the Canyon View Park. It's the

Planning a 3 Day Trip to Monticello | Adventurin'

Read to break away from I-15? I mean most of The Salt Project posts are all along I-15, it's what most of us are familiar with. The rest of Utah is such an unknown to us, especially myself. Luckily, Lyndie from Four Corners School of Outdoor Education sent us an e-mail explaining about this rad "School" in Monticello, Utah. Where's Monticello? Just south of Moab. The only reason I even know where Monticello is, is because I had a college roommate from this far, south-eastern town. I lived in New Mexico as a child and road tripped from New Mexico

Young Living Lavender Farm and GayDean's | Adventurin' | Grubbin'

I-15 SUCKS. We drive I-15 many times throughout the year. Since our inlaws are from Cedar City, other than flying, there aren't many other ways to get there. Usually we leave right after work and take the 4 hour drive mainly in the dark. This time, I was riding with my father in law and we had left around 10am. We decided it was time to make some stops on I-15 neither of us had ever been to. Young Living Lavender Farms in Mona was something completely unexpected. I was expecting maybe a lavender tour of the fields, but this
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