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Inspiration Point | 12 Utah Staycations

Inspiration Point is a 13.2 mile dirt road that starts in Mantua and leads you all the way up to the peak of the mountains! While it's a fairly easy drive for any 4x4 vehicle, we would not recommend it for any other type of vehicle. It's SUPER fun, but can get tricky with all the bumps and rocks. We've tried driving up to Inspiration Point a few times in the past but we were blocked by snow. This time, the gates were open and we didn't see ANY snow. (September 8) It's a long drive, it took us a

Inspiration Point | Mantua | Adventurin'

People will often text and say "Hey, what should I do this weekend." Or "It's my birthday, what should I do in Ogden?" You guys, we LOVE it. We're so glad that you are using The Salt Project to help plan your staycations, birthdays, vacations and weekend trips! LOVE IT. We hope we've shown you just HOW much there is to do in Utah. But even we haven't even scratched the surface! It's true we stay pretty busy at The Salt Project, but Utah is just so much dang fun. Exploring is built within each of us, it's just getting
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