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Camp Browning

Hey guys! I just got back from THE BEST girls camp EVER at Camp Browning and wanted to share a quick review for you! First off, a little back ground info. I was called to serve as Camp Director for the young women of my church congregation 2 years ago. I was thrilled with the calling but also a little intimitaded because this was my first time being in charge of a huge event like this with no prior training. You just kind of jump in and wing it, which is totally my thing so luckily it worked out well

Upper Green Pond Trail | Snow Basin

We've been doing the same hikes over and over and over. I was ready for something new, but not something terribly new because I still have 2 toddlers and a 4 month old baby. After checking this website out (meaning The Salt Project) I found a hike that someone Brooke had posted about. Green Pond Trail! It's been so hot that I figured if we headed up in elevation we should be able to escape the heat a little. I called up my sister, who brought along her friend, and I packed up my 3 kids and we were off

Greens Pond Hike

Hi! I am Brooke from My family and I are major outdoor enthusiasts who love searching for new places to explore. We are also semi-hippies to love to go barefoot wherever possible! Snowbasin is our go-to place whenever we need a quick escape. There are so many trails to enjoy there, both long and short, difficult and kid friendly. One of our all time faves is Green Pond. This hike has an upper section and a lower section (also known as Wheeler Creek), both are well marked and traveled. These trails are great year round for hiking, mtn biking

Camp like a Pro with Kids | South Fork | Huntsville

We aren't pros, but we do know alot from just one camping trip! So we've become insta-pros on camping with kids. Before having kids, we used to camp quite a bit, sometimes at a paying place, sometimes with the cows, sometimes just in the back of truck, I mean, we roughed it right? I thought I had the whole camping thing down. But ever since we've brought babies into the world, we've been just a little shy about going out into the woods with our babies overnight. See, my babies are used to sleeping in their own beds and they

Tailgate like a Pro | Indie Ogden | The Salt Project

Stephanie (and fam) here! We thought it was high time to have ourselves a proper tailgating party. So we headed up the Weber Canyon with Indie Ogden. But first things first. Tip #1: Obtain Truck We needed a truck! Young Automotive in Morgan has more trucks than any dealer I know. I'm sure you would agree if you have ever driven past them on the freeway. And I'm pretty sure they hooked us up with the biggest truck they had. So what is the first thing we did when we picked up the truck? Take if off roading of course
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