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The Grotto in Hornet Canyon - Farmington

I love trying out a new trail, but I also get anxiety about it and find myself very resistant to the idea often times. What if I get lost? What if it's too hard? Well, I have gotten lost (and I did get lost on this hike lol), and I have always been able to do finish, no matter how hard it's been. And when I get lost (which is often), it always makes for a great story after. Well this hike has been on my list for awhile, so when a friend reached out and wanted to try a
Corona and Bowtie Arches | Not in Arches National Park harm Fri, 03/10/2017 - 13:06
This is a great hike in Moab to a giant arch- and the best part is, it’s outside of Arches National Park! So if you do not want to buy a pass into the park, this is the hike for you. It’s free! It's 3 miles round trip, with very little elevation gain outside of the first 5 minutes of the hike. It’s only a 20 minute drive from Moab City. There is little shade, and we all know how hot Moab gets in the summer time, so this one is best in the early morning in summer, or plan

Pioneer Names | Snow Canyon State Park | Adventurin'

Yes, Utah has 5 National Parks, but how many State parks are there? Over 40 people. Having just recently discovered this fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to need to make a goal to visit each one and soon! Welcome back to Snow Canyon State Park near St. George. I really wish my favorite red rocks were just a tad closer. We actually went back in May, but I just barely found these photos, and it was pretty cold for some reason. I've spent very little time in Snow Canyon. The only time that I went was in college and
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