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88 Utah hikes SO EASY, you can take your 5 year old (Northern Utah Edition)

Are you looking for THE BEST & Easiest hikes in Northern Utah? Well you've come to the right place! We have compiled the ultimate list or our absolute favorites. Each of these hikes have been tested, tried and true by 5 year olds! Some are easier and some are a little more advanced, so be sure to click on the Trail link to get all the info, tips, and tricks for the best hiking experience before you go. We are honored to be partnering up with an amazing local Utah company to bring you this incredible list. Utah Legal Coach’s

The Fernwood Castle - Layton

Did you know there is an actual castle in Davis County? Growing up in this area, I have memories of seeing the castle on the hill for most of my life. You can get a great view from Antelope Drive in Layton. It aligns perfectly with the Castle on the hill. When I was a kid, the owner would give out king size candy bars! My mom wouldn't drive me up there to get one, so sadly i've never been inside the castle, but my husband has! He went inside in high school, he was able to stand in the

Butler Wash Cliff Dwellings | South of Blanding

After getting some info from the Monticello Visitor Center, I now had a game plan. Part of this day plan included a hike to Butler Wash that let to some amazing Cliff Dwellings. Who even KNEW that Utah has Cliff Dwellings? Not this gal, nor her husband, but we could just be ill informed... This hike is only about 45 minutes away from Monticello. We arrived at the trailhead, ran to the biffy bathrooms, packed up the kids, some water, snacks and we were off! Butler Wash is only a half mile hike one way, so we took our time
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