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The Salt Project Meet-Up | That's a Wrap | Farmington

Thanks for coming out to our First Salt Project Meet-Up! While we were setting up, I had this sudden terrible thought of "What if NO ONE came?!" Luckily, that wasn't the case. It was fun to see how many people wanted to come and enjoy being outside. The scavenger hunt was a hit and the Nature Center was amazing. Hawkwatch's Raptors basically stole the show. We don't mind though, they are pretty awesome. Each bird had their own story to tell. It was reassuring to know that there are organizations like Hawkwatch to watch out for these guys. This lovely

A few reasons ya might want to come to our Meet-Up

In no particular order. Reason #1: We really do want to meet you, chat with you, meet your cute kids, become friends. Because if you are at our Salt Project Meet-Up, we know you have similar goals like us. You want to make some freaking awesome memories with the ones that matter most to you. (If you can't come, don't worry, we know you care too!) Reason #2: Hawkwatch is going to be there. Which means that they are bringing some real live raptors (birds of prey not the ones from Jurassic Park) for you to see and ask questions

Salt Project Meet-Up

It's our first Meet-Up! The Great Salt Lake Nature Center, Salt Project, Utah Mom Connection and Indie Ogden are combining efforts! Bring your family and friends to join in our First Salt Project Meet-Up. There will be scavenger hunts, bird watching, photo competitions, and a service project. We'll be adding more details as the come, but we wanted to start spreading the word! It's a FREE Event, and you can Register here.

Robert N. Haysenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center | Part II

It's almost here! Saturday, February 14th is DWR's Bald Eagle Day! Have you picked out your watching spot yet? There are actually five different viewing spots throughout Utah. (See below for more information.) When The Salt Project went a few weeks ago, we totally saw a Bald Eagle! First we saw a plane and then I was like "HEYyyyyyyyyy, look an EAGLE!" We watched it until it became a tiny speck...even though it was a larger speck to begin with. According to the Standard Examiner the best time to view the Bald Eagles is between 2 and 4 pm. Dress

Robert N. Haysenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center | Part I

Do you remember The Magic School Bus Series? Remember how we all wanted Miss Frizzle's class room to be real? You know you wanted to ride the bus. Which character were you? Ralphie? Liz the Lizard? I always wanted to have Miss Frizzle's magic dresses, but sadly, we can't all have the things we want, right? But we CAN have her classroom! We found it! And just like PBS, this place is free too! Welcome to the Robert N. Haysenyager Great Salt Lake Nature Center (aka Miss Frizzle's Classroom!) A place where the kids can touch, smell, dissect and discover
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