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Hall of Breakfast + Chatbooks Giveaway!

My kids have been begging to go back to visit Hall of Breakfast since we went at the beginning of the summer. This time we went with cousins. Everyone was oohing and aahing as we entered the fridge. They have added a few new things since we last came. I loved the new toast art wall and the kids were all about the confetti! The bacon wall was new also. We left our mark! And of course the ball pit. My kids would have been perfectly happy in there for at least 5 hours. Hall of Breakfast has been such

Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway Encore!

Hall of Breakfast is now open through the end of July and The Salt Project couldn't be happier! Check out our original post here. We're heading into the depths of the kitchen fridge again and bringing you a new coupon (below!) My kids were super excited to visit, especially, since we brought their dad. They would talk about it for days after and tell their dad ALL about how we should visit and that he needed to come too. It was fun to see some new changes. Like the ice cream samples given out here. I told the kids to

Gateway Splash Pad

While parts of the Gateway may be empty, you can always find people at the Splash Pad! After we visited the Hall of Breakfast, we let the kids run amok through the splash pad. It was a super hot day, so I’m all for water activities. The splash pad is awesome because it’s always shooting out a good amount of water and since we don’t know the pattern it’s always a surprise when it’s going to go off. There isn’t a whole bunch of natural shade, but there are lots of nice chairs and umbrellas provided for you. The grass

Hall of Breakfast at The Gateway

Hall of Breakfast officially opens at The Gateway tomorrow! This breakfast exhibit was curated right here in Utah and is a hands-on experience (as breakfast should be.) From chillin’ with the milk, swinging in a donut, smelling coffee, licking’ the honey, sliding down bacon and eggs, you’ll see all your favorite breakfast foods displayed in a whimsical way. Plus, there's some delicious grub to try all along the way. Stephanie and I arrived with our 9 children (I know, it’s getting crazy) in tow. We were greeted by John (mastermind behind it all) who told the kids to touch EVERYTHING

Illuminate Light Art & Technology Festiva

Tonight my husband and I took our kiddos, ages 1 and 3 to Illuminate at The Gateway in downtown Salt Lake. Illuminate is a light art and technology festival, the first of its kind here in Utah and I have to say I hope it’s around for many years to come. It’s a festival that appeals to both young and old and helps you really appreciate the city in a whole different light. My kiddos couldn’t get enough of the 30+ amazing light art displays at various indoor and outdoor locations around The Gateway and they loved the crafts and
Blooms & Co. | The Salt & Honey Market harm Thu, 04/21/2016 - 19:05
If you ever get the chance to take a class or workshop organized by the lovely minds behind the Salt + Honey Market, you jump on it. The Salt + Honey Market offers AMAZING workshops at the gorgeously minimal Charcoal Loft space in downtown Salt Lake City. Most recently, the lovelies from Salt + Honey arranged for Brynn Larsen, owner of Blooms & Company, to teach a group of us how to create a spring floral arrangement. Having never had any formal floral arranging experience, I was thrilled to learn tips and tricks from a professional. Brynn was super knowledgeable

The Bake-Aholic at The Salt & Honey Market

The Salt & Honey Market was kind enough to host my friend and I at their cookie decorating workshop taught by the talented Amy Perkins also know as The Bake-Aholic. Guys, I can make chocolate chip cookies and that’s about it. The kitchen and me are usually not the best of friends so I was a bit intimidated to try out cookie decorating but gosh, I had so much fun and really did learn a lot! Amy is the sweetest, most talented cookie decorator (and she makes incredible cakes too!) around. She was so patient with our newbie skills. She

Salt + Honey Market | Gateway Mall | Salt Lake City

You know The Salt Project loves to shop Local, Camille is here to tell you all about this local market. If you haven't checked out the Salt + Honey Market, you need to get down to the Gateway Mall (that's right, I said the Gateway) this weekend, December 10-12! Despite what you may think, exciting stuff still happens at the Gateway Mall. Point in case: the Salt + Honey Market. Enter the old Anthropologie space at 116 S Rio Grande Street and you will be whisked away into a wonderfully designed and curated marketplace filled with all sorts of tantalizing
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