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Things to do in - Island Park, ID

You know those places that are so special to your family, it just feels your heart is going to overflowing? Island park has become one of those places for us. I usually go alone, with all the kids, this year it was alone with most of the kids. We stay with my bestie in her family cabin. We roast s'moritos, ride the 4 wheeler, swing in the trees, ride bikes, sit by the river and just soak in the magic. This year we added kayaking to our list of fun. I'll share where we got on and off below. First

Red Fleet Dinosaur Track Hike | 12 Utah Staycations

Hiking Red Fleet Dinosaur Track was AMAZING! This 3 mile roundtrip hike is well marked and so fun. We had a very busy couple of days, so we decided to leave the kids back at the Dinosaur Inn to rest with Steph's husband and head out for a little night hike.​ The coolest part of this trail is that it has dino tracks printed along the entire thing. At first we thought it was a real track, but then we realized it was a trail marker. So clever. This trail is very hard to follow, not a clear path, so

Fishing the Twenty-First Street Pond in Ogden

You may recall me lamenting about fishing with kids. Just a few months after going to Cold Springs Trout Farm, my kids have turned completely around. Suddenly, they love fishing and suddenly, they love just sitting there waiting for the fish to bite! In their defense, maybe I've just expected them to be horrible while fishing. Maybe it was the location or maybe it was the fact they had their own little fishing poles. We went fishing at the Twenty First Street Pond in Ogden. We've fished this pond many times before, with no luck. For the first time in

Cold Springs Trout Farm

Why is it soooooooo HOT?! I've been aching to do some hiking, but it's just too hot by the time we get out the door. So instead, I'll dream about fishing at Cold Springs Trout Farm in North Ogden. Fish are always cool from a distance. This is the perfect place to fish right after school or later in the evening. Do you have a favorite place to take your kids fishing? See our past post with more tips here. #TheSaltProject if you go! We want to see.

Cold Springs Trout Farm | Adventurin'

I love fishing. We fished as kids, we fished in high school, we fished throughout college, fished out of my kayaks in Causey Reservoir, we always have a fishing pole in our car. Then I married a man who didn't LOVE fishing the way I did. Then kids came along. Kids made fishing much more complicated, well, at least toddlers do. So we haven't really fished since having kids, but I decided all that needed to change. In high school, my family would go fishing at Causey, we'd never catch anything...ever. So after a slightly more aggravating day of no
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