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Caffe Torino & Mamma Mia Pizza

The first time we visited Caffe Torino a couple months ago, we heard they would be having wood fired pizza in the summer and we couldn't wait to go back and try it (and get another crepe & cronut of course). The husband was tired of me talking endlessly about the crepes and cronuts, and Breckyn had just turned 12 up at girls camp that week so the second we got home from camp (and showered), we headed to out for a family lunch to celebrate the Birthday girl! When we arrived, we found out Caffe Torino was celebrating their

Caffé Torino

Lunch dates are few and far between these days but the weather was perfect for lunch so we packed up the kids and headed to THE MOST darling cafe in Farmington, located on the most beautiful tree-lined street. If you've been to Main Street in Farmington then you know what I'm talking about. Caffé Torino is tucked inside a charming antique home built in 1902. You can eat inside or out, but if I ever have a choice and the weather is good I choose to eat alfresco. While this is a classic cafe with coffees, espressos and baked goods

Santorini's Greek Grill

Growing up, I still remember visiting Salt Lake City, if it was my lucky day we would make a stop at my absolute favorite place in the world, a little Greek shack downtown. I always ordered a gyro and a side of baklava. Those were the days. Well guess what? There's a new Greek place in town. Santorini Greek Grill in Farmingtons Station Park is my new fave, for 2 reasons. First, they are in my back yard, so ya, obviously that helps, but more importantly, they have taken a fresh and healthy approach to that classic greasy Greek that

The George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Wildlife Education Center at Farmington Bay

This nature center is a favorite. Spring and fall are the best and the trails are all stroller friendly. But they are not paved so make sure you have a good stroller. There are several bridges and walkways through the marsh land. Owl pellets everywhere. We love the new buildings! Especially with the grass on the roof. They have binoculars available to use in the building. You can see a lot of birds from inside but you can see more out on the trails so we recommend taking your own. We have these ones. Super inexpensive but still work great
Remembering 9/11 by Hiking Flag Rock harm Wed, 09/06/2017 - 22:02
Where were you on 9/11? We shared where we were in our original post about Flag Rock here. We've heard that there is a ceremony at 6:30 AM at the Farmington Fire Station on 9/11. I was unable to find a link online, so if you know of any details comment below! Don't forget to stop at Patsy's Mine. Be sure to #thesaltproject or tag us on your social media. We want to see!

A Walk in the Wetlands | Buffalo Ranches Trail | Adventurin'

Sometimes you just need to get out and stretch your legs, and wear out your kids. Hiking, especially with little kids doesn’t always have to involve mountains and steep hills-right? While the Buffalo Ranches Trail may not be a destination hike, it is easy and accessible for anyone! The trail is actually about a four mile loop through a West Farmington subdivision and Great Salt Lake Wetlands. Although there are various starting points, I recommend starting off of Glover Lane. This point starts at a pond and takes you away from the neighborhood homes. Heading west on Glover Lane you

MAD Greens | Farmington Station

Two weeks ago, we teamed up with MAD Greens to check out their new place in Station Park in Farmington. I know it's cold now...but I'm still craving the Crazy Ivan Salad from MAD Greens. I've actually tried multiple beet salads all over Utah and even in California the past few months and MAD Greens is my absolute FAVE! (pregnancy cravings for sure, although I've always loved beet salads.) It's kind of weird that I even like beets, I didn't start liking beets until 8 years ago or something. Their new place is pretty amazing. It's open, light, and green

Pack Farms Pumpkin Patch

This was our first time to Pack Pumpkin Patch in Farmington. My sister was going with her fam and invited us along. We love trying out new places so we were excited to try it out. There are 2 Parts to Packs Pumpkin Patch. The actual patch is FREE, and the side with the games and fun activities. We will take you on a little tour and let you know what each side has to offer. Right Side This side of the patch is for both kids and adults. This is Pack Farms FIRST year offering all this fun stuff

Car Graveyard | Farmington Canyon Trail Adventurin'

This was such a fun hike! Yes, it was a car graveyard. Yes, seeing the old cars was awesome. Yes, it has waterfalls. Yes, we had to cross several rivers. All of these things make for a good hike in our book, but even without the cars, this hike was incredible! The views were gorgeous and the trail was easy enough for the littles but hard enough to feel like a real-deal hike. We give it 10 stars! Can't wait to go again. We have included detailed in directions below. Just drive up Farmington Canyon Road passed this sign 1.6

ParkStone | Grubbin'

Station Park in Farmington is one of our favorite spots to eat. And ParkStone has been a favorite for awhile now. They are family friendly, but I have yet to take my kids there. It seems like we are always there for a girls night out or double date. Tonight it was a double date to celebrate some birthdays! We started with the Baja Shrimp Cocktail, think fresh salsa with shrimp and fresh chips. We inhaled it! Definitely recommend it if you love shrimp. And you can't go to ParkStone without trying their fried deviled eggs. They are melt in
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