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Frontier Homestead State Park | 12 Utah Staycations

Cedar City has a deep pioneer history, much of which is my husband’s heritage, so it’s always fun to show the kids their ancestors. We headed to the Frontier Homestead State Park a mile away from our hotel. We've actually written about the Frontier Homestead State Park in the past and we are so very excited to show it again! The museum has all sorts of community events and SO much to offer visitors and locals! One of the highlights is making the rag dolls! (Usually an activity for large groups and community events.) Such a quick and easy craft

Cedar City's Farmers Market | 12 Utah Staycations

Right outside of The El Rey Inn & Suites is the local Farmers Market of Cedar City. It’s open every Saturday and tucked away in a super cute spot of the parking lot. We loved the small town vibe and all the local produce. It was so charming. I would have totally had a picnic there. Be sure to say Hi to Heather at Nature Hills Farm and The Honey Guy! Random, there’s a traveling Axe company called The Hatch Ax Games that was there too. It was super fun!​​​​​​

Brick House Cafe | 12 Utah Staycations

They had us at the $2 kids menu! Add in the delicious fries (and fry sauce), the tasty Reuben and a great salad bar and the fact that that this place is nestled right downtown and next door to our hotel and it was a win-win for everyone. Brick House Cafe is super kid friendly and has a great selection of items on the menu. The doll they made at the museum lives on! We were shocked at how much our kids loved them. Check out more HERE. We love coloring pages for kids menus. They always help to keep

El Rey Inn & Suites | Cedar City, Utah Hotel | 12 Utah Staycations

The best part about small towns is that everything is SOOO close to each other! We stayed at the El Rey Inn & Suites, a hotel in Cedar City and we walked to 90% of the activities. See our 22 Things to do in Cedar City! We literally could have spent the entire time in Cedar City without needing to drive our cars. We've partnered up with the El Rey Inn & Suites this past weekend and it was amazing! Cedar City is a pretty small town ya, but the best part is that you can literally just hang out

Razorback | Hike, Bike or Explore | 12 Utah Staycations

Years ago, while attending school at Southern Utah University, I was able to explore much of Cedar City, but honestly, I’m WAY more adventurous now that I was before getting married and having kids. I’ve tried biking Razorback a few different times as was never very successful, but I was so excited to share Razorback trails with the kids! I knew they would LOVE exploring the desert. One thing we didn't expect was the amount of trash. Apparently, there were some squatters that just left everything there. Let's remember to do our part and keep our trails clean. While we

22 Things to do in Cedar City | 12 Utah Staycations

We just finished up our third Staycation in Cedar City Utah! We loved every minute of it. If you wanted, you could spend the whole time in downtown Cedar City and never have to leave! The food, hotel, and activities are all so fun and unique! We did a lot during our 4 days so pick and choose what fits you best! Be sure to enter our Cedar City Staycation Giveaway! Things to do in Cedar City SUMA | Southern Utah Museum of Art | Free Garth & Jerri Frehner Natural History Museum | SUU Campus | Free Hike, Bike

Brian Head Tubing | 12 Utah Staycations

It’s not often that you’ll see the Salt Project on a ski mountain, if ever! Stephanie and I aren’t super snow people, maybe it’s because we didn't grow up skiing or snowboarding, but if there’s one winter sport we love, it’s Tubing! So when Visit Cedar City sponsored a trip to Brian Head Resort for tubing, we were all for it! Brian Head Resort is just 45 minutes outside of Cedar City. We went biking in the morning and then headed up the snowy resort. Tubing at Brian Head is for ages 4 and up! So we were able to

Last Chair Saloon | Brian Head Resort | 12 Utah Staycations

After tubing at Brian Head Resort we worked up a pretty good appetite. Who’d have thought that sitting and sledding down a hill would make you so hungry? I mean, we didn’t even have to trudge up the mountain with the magic carpet...and we were still so hungry. We walked ourselves right up to the Giant Steps Resort for the Last Chair Saloon. (Don't let the name deceive you, kids can go too.) We decided to try the Fried Pickle Spears. Let me tell you folks, these were AMAZING. They weren't soggy or giant, but looked like a fry with

SUMA | Southern Utah Museum of Art

Southern Utah Museum of Art is one of the newest buildings to Cedar City! Located just east of Southern Utah University, this modern building is sure to catch your eye. We’ve been meaning to go to this FREE museum for a while and our Staycation made it happen! Staying downtown at the El Rey Inn, made it a quick five-minute walk to the SUMA building. It was pretty fun walking through the Shakespeare Festival buildings and statue gardens. The gardens and buildings are empty now, but come Shakespeare Festival time there are TONS of people. Stephanie stayed back at the
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