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Kokanee Salmon Run at Causey Reservoir 2019

The Salmon Run this year in Utah has been kind of weird. 2019 has been full of rain, cold weather and then heat. I'm sure the salmon don't even know what to do anymore. We sure don't! I've actually had tried getting up to Causey Reservoir for the kokanee salmon run two different times and have been thawrted by cold, rainy weather. We FINALLY succeeded on Saturday! Be sure to read about my checklist for a successful Salmon Run at Causey below. Honestly, this trip almost didn't happen for a number of reasons. The clouds were making things look iffy

Kokanee Salmon run at Causey Reservoir

The Salt Project has just gotten back from the Utah Tourism Conference in Vernal and I have lots to write about, but I wanted to hurry and get out this information about the Kokanee Salmon run at Causey Reservoir! What's so cool about a Salmon Run? Well, for one, the salmon turn bright red and change body shapes. You'll want to check it out on this KSL article I read. Also, these salmon DIE after spawning...I find it extremely crazy that they change their bodies, swim upstream just to plant eggs and die. I mean, isn't science crazy? How do

3 Things to do at Causey Reservoir | Adventurin'

Today we are sharing 3 things to do at Causey Reservoir. (The Salt Project loves Causey, see past posts here.) It may be a little cooler than when we actually went, but it's still the perfect place for a day on the water. Causey is about 10 minutes east of Huntsville where Pineview Reservoir is. We love Causey because there are no motor boats allowed, so it's the perfect place for paddle boarding, cliff diving, and crawdad fishing! The views are so beautiful with trees and mountains surrounding you on all sides. The water is deep and cold, and it's
Friday Night at Causey Reservoir | Adventurin' harm Sun, 07/31/2016 - 21:43
Is it just me complaining about the heat? I feel like the last two weeks I've just hunkered down inside, next to my AC. The mornings/evenings don't seem to be any cooler, which just adds to my complaints. Luckily, we do have AC, so I am grateful for that. I just keep thinking back to a few months ago, when I didn't mind being out at 5 pm at Causey Reservoir. (This post is from earlier this summer, I've heard that right now, Causey is 15 feet below the waterline.) (Check out this MilosTees shop! They've got some super cool

Giveaway | Nomad Paddle | Unshoes

We are out exploring Promontory Point with today and wanted to spread the fun. You remember how we loved Causey Reservoir? We want to give you that same adventure! We've teamed up with Nomad Paddle Outfitters & Unshoes so you can create your own Causey Day. **************Giveaway************** One person will win 2 All Day Paddle board Rentals to Nomad Paddle Outfitters (Check out their pick-up and drop-off locations here) 1 Pair of Wokova Sandals from Unshoes. These sandals aren't just for water, I've hiked in them too! Plus The Salt Project is going to throw in some tickets to

Causey Reservoir | Nomad Paddle | Adventurin'

Sometimes, I think, "my kids are too little to do some stuff." Like paddle boarding. While I've been paddle boarding a whole single time, I've always been too afraid to take the kids. Especially without their dad. He's basically a fish swimming in the water. I'm more of a log. I also made the last-minute decision to bring my dog. How would this all end? I didn't know. Luckily, the kids like their Auntie Hali. We decided to go and hope for the best. The paddle boards are inflatable so the kids had some time to get used to the

Camp like a Pro with Kids | South Fork | Huntsville

We aren't pros, but we do know alot from just one camping trip! So we've become insta-pros on camping with kids. Before having kids, we used to camp quite a bit, sometimes at a paying place, sometimes with the cows, sometimes just in the back of truck, I mean, we roughed it right? I thought I had the whole camping thing down. But ever since we've brought babies into the world, we've been just a little shy about going out into the woods with our babies overnight. See, my babies are used to sleeping in their own beds and they
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