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Camping at Dugway Geode Beds | 12 Utah Staycations

Since we had already driven 50 miles out to the Geode Beds, hitchhiked out to the Geode Beds, we thought, why not just camp right where we parked?! So we did! We had packed hotdogs, sandwich meats, s' mores, and snacks, so we were ready to go! We brought the firewood out and started a fire. It was fairly windy so we created a wagon circle with our RVs to help block out the wind. It was a beautiful night. The kids pulled out their bikes and scooters and rode around while we were getting the fire going. After some

Salt Project RV Packing List | 12 Utah Staycations

We've now been on two RV Trips. (Thanks to Access RV) While this doesn't make us pros, one of our trips was over 10 days cross country while our Utah RV Staycation was 4 days and 3 nights. RVing is basically like camping, you have to bring everything! Even though you might think you are overpacking, you really aren't. I'd say 95% of the stuff we packed this we actually used. So here it is, our Salt Project RV Packing list. Clothes for everyone + a few extra. Light Jackets and Winter Jackets. We like to layer with Patagonia kids

Dugway Geode Beds | 12 Utah Staycations

If you've been following The Salt Project for a while, you know that Harmony loves rocks. Like, a lot. So this RV Staycation's main focus was rockhounding! We had two main spots to visit, the Dugway Geode Beds and U-Dig in Delta. The Dugway Geode Beds are on BLM land and it's free to the public to go and dig! The only hard part is that the Dugway Geode Beds are 51 miles on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Not really hard, you just have to be committed. While the road is long and bumpy you do
Paris Springs Hike at Paris Springs Campground | 12 Utah Staycations harm Tue, 06/04/2019 - 22:46
After eating a delicous Picnic at the Paris Tabernacle, we set our sights upon Paris Springs! Stephanie had visited Paris Springs years ago and said she thought they were hot Springs. You know The Salt Project loves Hot Springs! Come to find out, they aren't HOT at all! Haha. Either way, it's a beautiful place to visit. Paris Springs is actually located inside of Paris Springs Campground in Idaho. The kids are always looking for some kind of wildlife and this time we found a snake! Driving through the campground we noticed multiple birdhouses, they looked handmade too. The Paris
Hobbit Caves | 12 Utah Staycations steph Mon, 06/03/2019 - 12:00
This is THE COOLEST hike if you can call it a hike. Basically, you park right next to a river, cross the river and you are at your destination, the Hobbit Caves! Both Harmony and Stephanie are barely 5' tall, so we felt right at home here in HOBBITON. Of course, after you explore the caves, you can follow the trail along the river for quite a ways. We didn't track how far it goes back but we did explore all over the area. Getting down to the river is a little steep but totally doable. We had 3 adults

Camping at Skyline Mountain Resort in Fairview

I love visiting the tiny towns of Utah. Staying for a day or two makes all the difference and helps give you a feel for the speed of the town. Fairview (Population 1247) was our chosen destination for camping. I'm super excited to share not only our camping experience, but I've got a Fairview city guide coming soon! Who knew such a tiny town has some good hidden gems. I've been dying to go camping, especially, since we borrowed my FIL's pop-up trailer. Some of my favorite childhood memories were camping in our pop-up trailer! My mom and sisters also

Spring Break at Goblin Valley State Park

Spring Break! Goblin Valley State Park couldn’t have been more perfect for my little boys. It reminded me of the very authentic, organic, and au-natural version of City Creek’s Dinosaur play place, except Goblin Valley is a 100% ORGANIC. On a side note, you can bring your dog too! Why Go? The formations are pretty fun to watch and climb up on. Goblin Valley gets its name from these rock formations that were created from soft sandstone eroding away. It is pretty unique. Goblin Valley is a small place too. It was pretty perfect for our 1 night, 2 day

Camping, Diamond Fork Arch and the Mysterious Sun Face | Spanish Fork

Camping is my favorite summer time activity! I really do love being out in nature, the smell of a campfire, roasting marshmallows and falling asleep under the stars! We recently went camping near Spanish Fork, UT - in the Diamond Fork Canyon. We stayed at Diamond Fork Campground in loop B and I must admit it was so beautifully scenic! Loop B isn't as shady as loop A, but if you stay in sites 31-38 there are plenty of cottonwoods and willows that provide ample shade! We booked a double site because we were camping with family (4 adults and
Backpacking with Kids in the Uintas, Making Plans for the Summer harm Fri, 05/05/2017 - 14:54
With spring quickly approaching my family loves to start planning and anticipating our summer camping trips. Summer weekends fill up quickly at our house and we find that if we don’t schedule and plan a few camping trips in advance, they are less likely to happen. Even though the Uintas are still covered in snow and will be for a few more months, planning a summer backpacking trip to one of the scenic lakes in the Uintas is a great family outing to look forward to as the weather starts to get warmer. Our family loves backpacking because it allows
Tips for camping with kids harm Fri, 11/18/2016 - 13:09
Camping with kids can be daunting. After a summer full of camping fails and successes we wanted to share a few tips for having a successful camp out with kids. #1 Trial Run We highly recommend doing a back yard camp out first before the real deal. This will give you a huge confidence boost as well as a reality check. If you "forget" anything, you won't have to go far to get it, and add it to your list of survival items. #2 Pick your Gear For toddlers, we always take our pack in play, but for babies we
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